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Oct 24, 2013 Wait for few minutes to allow Mac to recognize the newly installed iWork and iLife. Step 4: Now Open the App Store and Click Updates section, Now you will see the updates for iWork apps and iLife Apps. Click update all to update all your iWork and iLife latest version on your Mac for Free! ILife '11 lets you do more with photos, movies, and music than you ever thought possible, with new versions of iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. In iPhoto, you can browse, edit, and share your photos with new full-screen views- Or create professional-quality books, letterpress cards, or more. Oct 20, 2010 CUPERTINO, California—October 20, 2010—Apple today introduced iLife® ’11, a major upgrade that gives Mac® users even more great ways to create and share photos, movies and music. IPhoto® ’11 has a whole new look, with stunning full screen modes for Faces, Places and Events. IMovie® ’11 makes it easier than ever to edit videos and quickly transform them into fun theatrical. The bottom line: iLife '11 is a welcome and long-overdue update to Apple's suite of digital media applications. This year's version adds a handful of advanced features to iPhoto, iMovie,.


One of the major perks of GarageBand in iLife 11′ is the recording features. Before you can start your rock and roll career, you need to assign the sound input. To assign sound input to your Mac’s built-in microphone, or to its line-in connection for recording with GarageBand in iLife from an external microphone or an electric instrument with a line-level output, follow these steps:

  1. For a line-in connection, connect your instrument, microphone, or sound source to the line-in connection on your Mac.

    If you don’t have a line-in connection, you can use a USB audio input device.

  2. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu in Mac OS X.

    The System Preferences window appears with icons—separated into sections—for setting preferences.

  3. Click the Sound icon in the Hardware section to open the Sound pane, and click the Input tab.

    The Sound pane’s Input pane appears.

  4. Select Line In or Internal Microphone from the list of sound input devices.

    The change takes place immediately, by activating the line-in connection or internal microphone.

  5. Quit System Preferences by choosing System Preferences→Quit (or click the red Close button in the upper left corner).

    Setting up the Mac’s line-in connection for recording.

To set the volume level for sound input, follow these steps:

  1. Start playing the instrument you’re recording or start singing/talking into the built-in mic.

    The internal microphone or line-in connection is always on and detecting sound.

  2. Watch the Input Level meter on the Input tab.

    As the volume grows louder, the oblong purple dots are highlighted from left to right. If all dots are highlighted all the time, you’re way too hot (too loud). If none of the dots is even highlighted, you’re way too low. You want the dots to be highlighted about three-fourths of the way across, from left to right, for optimal input volume.

  3. To adjust the volume, drag the Input Volume slider.

You can still record from an audio interface, a line-in connection, or an internal mic while your system sound preferences are set differently. Choose GarageBand→Preferences and click the Audio/MIDI button to see the Audio/MIDI pane. You can then set the audio input to Built-In Microphone, Built-in Line Input, or System Setting (to reflect whatever you set your system sound preferences is set to). You can also set the audio output to Built-in Output or System Settings.

Yesterday Apple announced that their iWork suite of apps (Keynote, Pages and Numbers) and iLife suite of apps (iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband) would come free with their new macs when you buy. All mac users aware of iWork suite and iLife suite of apps from apple, previously, these apps are $20 each, Now these suits are free for all new Mac owners. Think about the current Mac users? Are you one of them?

Today i am going to explain how to get iWork and iLife suite for Free in your Current Macs. Its a simple loophole which i have discovered unfortunately and i made a research on this loophole and most of the peoples are already using this, so i just thought to share with all my readers. But this guide will help you to install iWork and iLife suite of apps without spending any money on it.

Before we begin, make sure that the App installation permissions are set to “Anywhere”. If you don’t know how to do that, Just go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General and you can see “Allow apps downloaded from” section and set permission to “Anywhere“.

What Is Ilife 11 For Mac
  • First download the free trial of iWork ’09 and iLife ’11 from Softpedia. Here is the links to download links of iWork Suite and ilife Suite. Click Download and Select External Mirror 1.
  • Install the iWokr ’09 and iLife ’11 Trial on your Mac.

Step 3:

  • Wait for few minutes to allow Mac to recognize the newly installed iWork and iLife.

Step 4:

What Is Ilife 11 For MacMacbook

Download Ilife 9 For Mac

  • Now Open the App Store and Click Updates section, Now you will see the updates for iWork apps and iLife Apps. Click update all to update all your iWork and iLife latest version on your Mac for Free! If you don’t see updates for the app, just wait for few more minutes and try opening App store again and check.

This is the clever way to get the New iWork Suite apps and iLife Suite apps for free. We don’t know when will apple will fix this loophole. Before that claim your iWork and iLife for Free. If you like this kind of tricks and Tips, Subscribe us and Kindly share to your friends. Your Valuable comments are welcome.

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What Is Ilife 11 For Mac Pro

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