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Wd 2tb external hard drive for mac
  1. Wd External Hard Drive For Mac And Pc
  • Turn on Your Mac and Log In. Plug in your WD My Passport’s USB cable into its Micro USB B port.
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Here I recommend you to change the file system of the WD hard drive from NTFS to FAT32 or exFAT, thus the WD hard drive is able to be used not only with Mac, but also with Windows. And if there is large file beyond 4GB in file size, exFAT file system will be the better choice as FAT32 is with file size limit.

How to format WD external hard drive for mac Securing your data. Once the formatting process begins, all the data on the drive will be lost. Therefore, you will have. Formatting your WD hard drive for Mac. Formatting your drive to FAT32 or exFAT is easier using Mac’s built-in Disk. Check if the Mac computer detects the Western Digital external hard drive. Go to the Applications folder and then open the Utilities folder. Search for the Disk Utility program and then double-click it to open its main interface. On the left panel, click the Western Digital external hard drive icon.

As long as you are using macOS to manage the drive then yes the WD drive is compatible. If you are using the WD software, then you need to contact WD to see if their software is compatible as I'm sure the WD website may contain misleading information.

FYI, it is much safer to just have macOS manage the WD drive. To do so just move everything on the WD drive to another drive temporarily. Then use the WD software to disable any security features on the WD drive. Then uninstall the WD software by following the manufacturer's instructions. Now use Disk Utility to erase the WD drive as GUID partition and MacOS Extended (Journaled) if you are only using it on a Mac or as GUID partition and ExFAT if you will share it with a Windows computer. Now move all your files back to the WD drive.

Once everything is working you can upgrade to Catalina. Just make sure to have good verified working bootable backups before upgrading in case something goes wrong or you decide you don't like Catalina and want to revert back to the current macOS.


Wd External Hard Drive For Mac And Pc

Nov 9, 2019 5:25 PM