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Mac Print Driver: Driver updated to support new models and for Apple notarization service support 5.1.2020.07.01: P4060dn Mac Driver: Kyocera Mac Print Driver 8.9305: P4060dn PCL Uni Driver: Kyocera PCL Print Driver 1.0: P4060dn Linux Driver: Kyocera Linux Print Driver. 4667 North Royal Atlanta Drive Tucker, GA 30084 Phone: 770-495-4123 Fax: 770-495-4199 Map It. Ste 1100 Chicago, IL 60606.

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This article provides a brief overview of the printing architecture with the 10.x versions of the Mac ICA Client.


The Mac 10.x ICA Client is a feature-rich client offering. Many of the same features found with Win32 clients/plug-ins. This includes the ability to autocreate all of the standard printer types defined on the Mac device for use within XenApp sessions.

Printing with the Mac 10.x Client

Because the print drivers on a Mac are not a direct match for the drivers on a Windows 2003 or 2008 Server, most Mac-defined printers autocreate using the HP Color LaserJet PS driver. This postscript driver is installed with XenApp and is part of the universal printing architecture. It must never be removed from the XenApp server. Mac clients cannot use the advanced Citrix Universal Print Driver because this driver is based on the Windows Enhanced Metafile Format (EMF) to process and spool documents.

In instances where the HP Color LaserJet PS driver does not work with a specific print device, driver mappings might be used. Such mappings might be implemented using the management console or through the use of the wtsuprn.inf file on each XenApp server. Mappings specify the client driver name and corresponding server driver to use. The use of wildcards is permitted for driver mappings to simplify the process.

Samsung universal print driver for macUniversal Print Driver For Mac

The Mac ICA Client also brings with it the Enable Print Dialog feature. The Enable Print Dialog feature presents the user with a local print dialog on selecting print from the published application. Any configured printer might then be selected to send the job. Enable Print Dialog feature can be enabled or disabled using the File menu of the Citrix ICA Client.
Note:The Enable Print Dialog feature has been removed starting with version 11.4.x and later per Citrix Documentation - 'Users are now shown a single print dialog when printing, instead of the two print dialogs shown in previous releases.'

Samsung universal print driver for mac

Refer to Citrix eDocs - About this release.

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CTX089874 – Troubleshooting and Explaining the Citrix Universal Print Driver

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