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  • Nov 28, 2017 The SSD has now been formatted as a Mac OS Extended (journaled) volume named ‘MacOS’. Continue using this guide to format the disk as an AFPS volume, however if a Mac OS Extended (journaled) volume is desired you may now stop. 8) From the previous step we need to note the identifier of the new volume (red outlined box).

I was given an old MacBook Pro (early 2015, 13”, retina) with a corrupted hard drive which I was unable to revive. I bought the Transcend Jetdrive 850 SSD to replace it. Using a friend's MacBook, I downloaded the Mojave installer into a USB key. However, when I launch the MacBook into recovery mode (Option + R), it won't recognise the new SSD, either in Disk Utility or when using diskutil list in the Terminal.

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It still recognises the old corrupted SSD so it's not the connector that is broken, and I've been given a replacement Transcend drive that still isn't recognised, so it's unlikely that both new SSD's have shipped faulty. Unfortunately I don't have immediate access to another Mac, and don't have an enclosure for an NVMe SSD. If need be I can get access to a Mac, and am willing to buy an enclosure if it is likely to be the solution.

Transcend Ssd For Mac External Hard Drive

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Transcend Ssd For Macbook


Would connecting the SSD externally to another Mac using an enclosure (and then formatting it if recognised) be a likely solution?

Could another reason be that I don't know what OS was running on the Macbook before the original SSD got corrupted, and it needs new drivers to detect the new SSD? If so, what would be a way to work around that?


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Transcend Ssd For Macbook Pro

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