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Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac is a perfect solution for recording YouTube videos on Mac computer, or other capturing other streaming videos on your Mac screen. The following steps introduces you how to record online videos on Mac computer, and sets recording YouTube videos as an example.


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Step 1. After downloading Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac, install and start it on your Mac computer. Then click the Record Video button at the top middle of the main interface.

Step 2. Open YouTube.com and choose the video you want to record. Then drag the frame of the recording window to match the edge of the video you want to record. Click the REC button to start recording, and you can check the square beside Stop at option to set up the stopping time of recording.

Step 3. When the recording process is finished, click the Save button at the upper left corner to save the recorded video.

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Step 4. If you want to watch the recorded video on your iPhone, Android phone and so on, you’ll want to convert it to a compatible video file. Click the Convert button on the right side of the video info to move forward.

Step 5. Choose the corresponding category and select the video format you need for your device.

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Step 6. The Screen Recording software for Mac computers will start converting your recorded video immediately after you selected the video format for output. When the conversion is done, right-click the video and choose Show Converted File.