Ssl Duende For Mac


Ssl Duende For Mac

Is SSL Software compatible with Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan? Duende Native plug-ins - v5 iLok - COMPATIBLE - In Logic, run Plug-in Manager and validate the plug-ins manaully. It may take a couple of attempts. Madixtreme - COMPATIBLE with the exception of MADI Channel Limit. Solid State Logic (SSL), with its long history of superior pro audio products, now has their famous 'sound' available in a collection called Duende Native. See what these SSL. For Mac users the single ‘SSL Duende Installer’ package will install the appropriate drivers and plug-ins. ‘Duende Firmware Updater’ is to be used for Duende Classic and Mini only. PC users should run ‘SSL Duende Setup.exe’ which will install the appropriate software and perform the necessary firmware update for all attached Duende devices.

Download Duende Mac Software
Software Version: 2.6.0
Release Date: 17/12/08
Download Size: 64.1 MB

Download Duende PC Software
Software Version: 2.5.9
Release Date: 03/10/08
Download Size: 24.8 MB

New Features in Duende software v2.6.0

This is a Mac only maintenance release which addresses the following:

  1. Driver change which fixes an issue with Macs with over 2GB of RAM
  2. Improved Classic and Mini firmware updater

All Mac users, Classic, Mini and PCIe should install this update.

New Features in Duende software v2.5.9

Duende 2.5.9 is the first release to include the optional plug-in Vocalstrip.


This release covers the full Duende product line; Duende Classic, Duende Mini and Duende PCIe.

For Mac users the single ‘SSL Duende Installer’ package will install the appropriate drivers and plug-ins. ‘Duende Firmware Updater’ is to be used for Duende Classic and Mini only.

PC users should run ‘SSL Duende Setup.exe’ which will install the appropriate software and perform the necessary firmware update for all attached Duende devices.

Pro Tools users: This release contains a fix so that Pro Tools sessions created with Duende software prior to v2.56 will load with the correct settings. Providing you did not install Duende v2.56 software your sessions will now load up correctly.

For example, if you have been using Duende v2.53 you can now install v2.59 and all plug-in settings will be preserved.

System requirements:

Mac users running Tiger should use Mac OS 10.4.11. Those running Leopard please update your OS to 10.5.5 or higher.

Known Issues with v2.5.9

Mac specific information

Tested PCI, PCIe and Express34 firewire cards:


Adaptec Fireconnect 4300
Lindy PCI Firewire adapter


Siig 2-port firewire adapter

Exsys 16500E and 16501E (note that these cards are only capable of running 1 Duende, but two may be installed in one system).


Please note that these all feature FW800 ports so you will need to purchase a FW400 to FW800 adapter cable to use with Duende.

NitroAV FW800 Express34
Siig FW800 Expresscard/34
Wiebetech Express34 card TC-E34-2FW

DAW specific issues


Due to Logic 7’s handling of plug-in delay compensation it is possible that a portion of audio at the beginning of a loop will be missing when using Duende plug-ins with Logic in Cycle Mode. When in cycle mode Logic will not look 'ahead' to the beginning of the selection when it is at the end of the selection. As a result, when the transport returns to the beginning of the selection and Logic attempts to compensate for the latency of the plug-in, a portion of the audio will not be played back. The more Duende plug-ins that are loaded on a channel, the longer the amount of missing audio.

This issue is not present in Logic 8.

Small click before the first audio region

This issue is due to a problem with the way Logic deals with plugins that incur a certain processing latency - it is caused by Logic's auto latency compensation system. The problem occurs with any AU plug-in which Logic needs to apply latency compensation to. This issue also affects the ability of Logic to correctly bounce offline, as such this function is not recommended.

Apple are aware of this issue and we hope are able to have this fixed in the next release of their software.

This issue still remains to a lesser extent in Logic 8.

Recommended Logic Settings:

Buffer Size512 or above
Processor Buffer RangeMedium
Rewire BehaviourPlayback only
Plug-in delay compensationAll

Pro Tools

In Pro Tools LE on Mac Intel machines block sizes of 1024 samples or higher are not supported. Duende will produce audio dropouts when a blocksize of 1024 or higher is used. On PPC machines only 2048 is unusable as in v2.

Recommended settings:

H/W Buffer Size512 or above
RTAS ProcessorsAny
CPU Usage Limit85%

Automatic Delay Compensation Long (4095 samples) – only featured in Pro Tools HD

Pro Tools HD 7

Duende is compatible with Pro Tools HD providing the recommended settings are observed and firewire bus considerations are taken into account.

Ssl duende native mac download

Pro Tools HD features automatic delay compensation engine which is found in Setup>Playback Engine. It will provide a maximum of a 4095 sample latency compensation. If the total latency throughout the signal path exceeds this value then the remaining latency must be compensated for manually. More information is found on this in the Duende manual.

Pro Tools LE/M-powered 7

Recommended settings are the same as for PT HD (above) but LE/M-Powered do not feature automatic delay compensation so this must be done manually.

Cubase SX 3, Nuendo 3 and Cubase 4

No known issues with Duende.

Ableton Live! 6

Duende is compatible with Live! 6 providing the following points are observed:

There are two buffer sizes available in Live!, Buffer Size (preferences>audio) and Plug-in Buffer Size (preferences>CPU). Set the plug-in buffer to ‘as audio buffer’ when using Duende.


Live! 6 on Mac OS supports both AU and VST plug-ins. We recommend using the VST Duende plug-ins.

Digital Performer 5

Always Run in Realtime

The option is found in a menu in the top left of the plug-in GUI (graphical user interface) just to the right of the 'close plug-in' arrow. This menu also handles preset management. On some systems this is ticked and greyed out, where as on others it is a user definable option. All Duende plug-ins should have this option ticked to prevent any issue when closing the GUI.

Bounce to Disk

Duende does not currently support the bounce to disk in Digital Performer. The workaround is to use the freeze command on the tracks you wish to bounce, which will render the audio with the Duende processing. The Duende plug-ins will then no longer be processing the audio meaning the bounce to disk command will function correctly.

Sonar 7

Both mono and stereo Duende plug-ins are supported in Sonar 7

Mono Duende plug-ins are not supported in Sonar 6.

Ssl Duende Native Mac Download

PC Specific information

Incompatibility with certain firewire chipsets.

This can manifest itself in various ways, most commonly being the lack of audio being passed through Duende plug-ins resulting in no audio processing.

These are the firewire cards and chips that we have tested and can recommend for use with Duende on a PC

Tested Firewire host controllers:

  • Dell AFW-2100 (agere L-FW323-06) (comes standard with many DELL machines)
  • Belkin 3-port firewire card F5U503
  • SIIG Firewire 2-port PCIe featuring Texas Instruments XIO2200 chip
  • DAWI Control DC-FW800 PCI Firewire 800 Controller (When using Windows SP2, please make sure you have the FW800 hotfix installed)
  • Adaptec Fireconnect 4300
  • Adaptec Fireconnect 8300

Tested Firewire chipsets: check the onboard controller on your mother board.

  • VIA VT6306 PCI
  • Texas Instruments 5BA63VW TSB43AB23
  • Agere L-FW323-06

Off-line bounce: On some systems off-line bounce produces audio containing drop-outs. The PC process differs to the Universal Binary version in that the audio is processed as quickly as the DSPs can handle as opposed to in real-time. If this occurs on your system then we recommend using the real-time bounce option available in most software.

Firewire 800 controllers: There is a known issue with Windows XP SP2 and firewire 800 controllers. This issue is also seen on Mac Book Pro running Windows XP as these computers use the FW800 controller.

When Windows XP Service Pack 2 is installed it can severely reduce the performance of a firewire interface to 100MB/sec. This will result in audio not getting to and from Duende properly. This will only happen if the firewire card or motherboard uses firewire 800, but will also impact on anything connected to the firewire 400 ports.

Microsoft have provided a fix for which can be found here:

It is advisable to proceed in the following manner:

Ssl Duende For Mac Os

  • 1 - Install the firewire card
  • 2 - Install the Windows hotfix
  • 3 - Check the SidSpeed setting in the registry. Information on how to do this can be found by navigating to the above link.

Ssl Duende Mac

If the firewire card is installed after installing the hotfix, the SidSpeed settings will have to be changed manually as in step 3 above.

Check our Support sitehere for up to date information about known issues, compatibility info and general installation tips.

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