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Roomle is a software company based in Austria and offers a software product called Roomle. Roomle is architecture software, and includes features such as 2d drawing, 3d modeling, visualization / presentation, bills of material, presentation tools, contact management, building information modeling, and Quotes/Proposals. Roomle offers a free version. Roomle App - FAQ´s & tutorials. Learn more about using the Roomle apps. System Requirements. Find out more about our specifications. 3D Digital Asset Creation. Add your products to the Roomle Platform. The Roomle Configurator for your business. White-Label Floor Planner. The Roomle floorplanner for your business.

Roomle Rubens Configurator

The first open full logic 3D product configurator
In the era of the Internet, the digital visualization of products is becoming increasingly important for market success. Product configurators are becoming more and more important for both - B2C and B2B. With the Roomle Rubens Configurator, Roomle is now setting a new standard worldwide: It is the first open 3D configurator capable of showing digital product models complete with all their logic and extensive interfaces. Choose from four levels offering progressively more functionality to match the type and complexity of the project, the level of digitisation required, and either self-service or with support. Whatever level of configuration you need, the right option is available, on a customer-specific basis.

Roomle For Macbook

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The new Roomle Configurator Interface

Intelligent, modular configuration - mobile and desktop
Roomle worked closely with its customers, gathering ideas and incorporating improvements into the new configurator. The result: a smart configurator interface with numerous options that makes configuration with all parameters and structural elements even easier and more structured, while adapting to the needs of the user. The highlight: the configurator works perfectly both on the go and on the desktop.

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Roomle For Mac Os

Digital shop-in-shop planning at POS

With Roomle, shops can be configured, visualized and augmented at the push of a button - web or mobile . In addition, clear order lists and live statistics facilitate sales. The shop-in-shop platform will be exhibiting at the Euroshop in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 February.

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EGGER and Roomle : Digitalisation solutions for carpenters & dealers

EGGER the world market leader in the production of chipboards and the digitalization platform Roomle jointly found Furniture eServices GmbH. The new company will internationally distribute software solutions for joineries developed by Roomle. End consumers will be able to configure furniture, design it online and order it directly from the joiner.

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Roomle at the imm cologne 2019

Roomle For Mac

Roomle sets a new standard for highly configurable furniture available across all channels. At the imm cologne, in Boulevard / Stand 028, the digital furniture platform presents the diverse application possibilities of digital furniture on 40m².

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Meet Roomle at the Real Estate Innovation Forum at EXPO REAL 2018 - in the TECH ALLEY and in the TECH TALK Zone - from October 8-10, 2018.

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Hans Jörg Schelling steigt bei Roomle ein

Gleich zwei Möbelexperten beteiligen sich an der digitalen Möbel-Plattform Roomle: Ex-Finanzminister Hans Jörg Schelling und der Geschäftsführer der Strasser Steine Gmbh, Johannes Artmayr.

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Augmented Room Sketching & Plan to Shop

Roomle version 2.4 comes with a feature that makes it easier for you to map your rooms: Augmented room scanning - with the latest Apple devices (as of iPhone 6S).

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Best of the Best: Roomle wins Red Dot Design Award

Roomle´s communication design convinces the high-caliber jury

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Gut geplante Partnerschaft: SCHÖNER WOHNEN und Roomle kooperieren

Als größtes Wohn- und Lifestyle-Magazin Europas genießt SCHÖNER WOHNEN seit über 55 Jahren höchstes Vertrauen bei seinen Lesern und steht für 100 Prozent guten Geschmack. Das Magazin inspiriert und berät seine Leser mit Einrichtungsideen.

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1 Million Registered Users :: 1,5 Million App Downloads :: 3 Million Plans!

Das österreichische Start-up Roomle freut sich über 1 Million registrierte Nutzer! Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2014 wurde das Online-Planungstool weltweit von 1,5 Million Kunden auf den Desktop oder mobil auf das Handy oder Tablet heruntergeladen. Im September feierte man die 1 millionste Registrierung und somit einen ersten Meilenstein!

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Ordering a Sofa or ordering a T-Shirt – What´s the Difference?

Innovative Omni-Channel Solutions for the Furniture Industry.

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Roomle – the Business Case in VR/ AR Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) is already omnipresent. It really shines where operating in a real-world environment would be dangerous, unwieldy or expensive – like e.g. in aircraft cockpit simulations or complicated surgery. VR also offers exciting new prospects for marketing: Think walking through a hotel before booking your room, driving a car before buying or renting… – The technology platform for immersion into the new virtual reality sits in every smartphone user´s pocket, ready for use around the clock. But up to now, content has been sparse and mostly available in shop environments or during marketing drives. Making VR available everywhere and giving consumers the tools to interactively shape environments and products is the new, exciting promise of Roomle.

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Furniture Designer Fantoni Takes a Seat on the Roomle Platform

Roomle For Mac Download

Das italienische Design-Label Fantoni und die digitale Plattform Roomle arbeiten zusammen: Mit der Einbindung der Fantoni Möbelkollektion in die Katalogfunktion der Roomle-App eröffnen sich neue Möglichkeiten für die Möbelindustrie. Ab sofort sind die Personalisierung, die Konfiguration und der Kauf von individuellen Industrieprodukten möglich.

Roomle For Mac Pro

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