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The internet is used for several things, however, for years the most popular usage of the internet is, undoubtedly, sharing of images and multimedia files. With the newer generation applications and photo sharing apps, like, Instagram and Snapchat, sharing images is a trend. However, there must have often been times when you wouldn’t have been able to upload or send a particular picture and faced this common error message – File type not supported.

There are different types of image formats circulating on the internet and the most popular of them are PNG and JPG. Almost every website on the web accepts one of the formats (if not both). Hence, your images need to comply with whatever format the particular website accepts. If your images are PNG and the website accepts only JPG images then you will ask how to convert PNG to JPG on Mac so that they can be accepted by the website. As complex as this might sound, it is actually pretty simple if you find the right PNG to JPG converter on Mac.

Part 1. The Difference Between PNG and JPG

Even though you must have heard the terms, PNG, and JPG, it is important to actually know what is the difference between both these images formats. This will enable you to understand them better, know why and how to convert, and also be ready to make an informed choice.

  • This logo was used for the Mac OS X v10.0, code-named 'Cheetah', and v10.1, code-named 'Puma'. These versions were preceded by the Mac OS X Public Beta, code-named 'Kodiak'. This version was made for software developers to be able to create their software so it was ready for the release of v10.0. Cheetah and Puma were the first major releases of the operating system and were branded with a.
  • Macintosh Mac OS X Lion macOS MacBook Operating system, Apple Logo transparent background PNG clipart size: 3456x3960px filesize: 122.64KB Color Folders Mac OS Sierra, Red icon transparent background PNG clipart size: 1024x1024px filesize: 654.78KB.

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So, basically, there are two major differences between these two image formats. Firstly, the JPG files can be compressed (which means they can be made into a smaller file size) so that you can share them with people easily, however, it also affects the quality of image drastically and at some point compression of JPG files can even produce blur images. PNG, on the other hand, is not affected by compression and will produce sharp and clear images only; however, the PNG files are much larger than JPG files, making them difficult to share. Secondly, there are certain differences in terms of what features they support.


  • It doesn’t support transparency in images.
  • Supports embedding of EXIF data.
  • This format is better for photographs.


  • Supports transparency, hence, used in logos.
  • Does not support the embedding of EXIF data.
  • This format is better for created images.

Part 2. How to Convert PNG to JPG with Mac OS X

For Mac OS X users, there is an in-built program, called Preview, which will help you to understand how to convert PNG to JPG on Mac. The program basically exports and saves the image in a new format. Follow the given steps to see how you can use this program to make the conversion from PNG to JPG.

Step 1. Open the image in the Preview program.

Step 2. Choose the Export option from the file menu.

Step 3. Select the desired format from the drop-down menu i.e. JPEG or PNG.

Step 4. After typing in a name and choosing a location, click on Save.

You can also use this program to see how to convert png to jpg mac with several images at once into a different format on your Mac OS X. Instead of using third-party software and tools, you can use this tool.

Part 3. How to Change PNG to JPG online, free


If you have searched a bit around the internet then you must have surely come across this easy solution of using an online converter tool to change PNG to JPG online. The best part about such tools is that they are completely free and based on the internet so you don't need to download or install anything on your Mac. Also, there are so many options available in this niche online which makes sure that you can choose the best ones for your need. We can recommend some of the most popular ones, like PNG2JPG. This is a free tool based online that will help you convert your PNG file into JPG for free. All you need to do is to go to the website and upload the files that you want to convert. Within some time (based on the size of files) the tool will present the converted versions.

Part 4. Ways to Batch Convert PNG to JPG on Mac

The options listed above are really good methods to convert the images from PNG to JPG without any hassle, however, if you want to batch convert PNG to JPG on Mac, that is to say, convert images more than one at a time, then you might prefer to download a software that will easily convert all of them in a click itself. One of the best software suited for this task is the PhotoBulk which also supports iOS devices and will be compatible with your Mac. It has a simple process for batch convert png to jpg mac.

One of the most interesting things about the software is that it is not just a way to safely and easily understand how to convert png to jpg on Mac, but also a fully feature-rich photo editing tool as well. Batch renaming of photos, compression, and optimization, adding watermark among other things can easily be done using this software. Follow the steps given below to batch convert PNG to JPG on Mac with PhotoBulk.

Step 1. Download and install the PhotoBulk on your Mac first, then open it on your Mac.

Step 2. Select all the PNG graphics that you want to convert. Once you have selected and added them all to the application, the number of files will be displayed.

Step 3. Select the Optimize option from the bottom tab, you can also choose the images size here.

Step 4. Click on the Start button, where ask you to select the file format you want to convert, select JPEG to convert all PNG files to JPG.

The Photobulk software is quick, safe, and simple to use to convert PNG to JPG on Mac. You can make use of this software for batch converting, watermarking, making edits and several other changes with images. You will not require any other online tool or downloadable software post this application to convert PNG to JPG on Mac.

Part 5. Make GIF on Mac with PNG and JPG Images

If you are looking for a PGN to JPG converter on Mac, you may need a tool to make a GIF so that your creation can be more attractive. It's very easy to make GIF on Mac using Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) which is the multi-functional software to help you handle media issues. With it, you can convert video and audio in any format to another within a few minutes. It supports 1,000+ formats including MP4/AVI/MOV/WMV/MP3/WAV, etc. And you can find many additional functions including screen recorder, video download, DVD burn, file transfer, and more. You can use Wondershare UniConverter both on Mac and Windows systems.


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Steps on making GIF on Mac with PNG and JPG images (Take Windows version as an example)

Step 1 Launch Wondershare GIF maker on Mac.

Before you make a GIF, you should first download and install the Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac. Then launch it and move to the Toolbox tab, choose GIF Maker option to start.

Step 2 Add PNG or JPG files to Mac GIF maker.

On the new interface of the program, choose Photos to GIF option and you can see the supported image import formats, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and BMP are included. Click + Add Files button on the left-top interface to import PNG or JPG files you want to convert. All added images will be displayed as thumbnails on the interface.

Step 3 Convert PNG and JPG to GIF on Mac.

Before you create a GIF with PNG and JPG, you can make changes to the output settings displayed on the left panel. If everything is OK, click the Create GIF button to start creating a GIF on Mac with Wondershare UniConverter.

Convert Png To Pdf Mac

The steps of creating GIF on Mac are the same as the Windows version, just follow the steps above to convert your PNG and JPG images to a GIF file.