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phpDesigner 8 is a fast PHP IDE and PHP editor with built-in HTML5-, CSS3- and JavaScript editors boosted with features to help you create amazing websites.

phpDesigner 8 helps you with all from editing, analyzing, debugging to publishing websites powered by PHP, HTML5, CSS3 to JavaScript

— Build tomorrow's websites with phpDesigner 8!

Atom – free and open-source text editor with out-of-the-box PHP support. Bluefish – a multipurpose editor with PHP syntax support, in-line PHP documentation, etc. With GVfs, supports SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, and SMB. Brackets – free and open-source editor in HTML5/NodeJS by Adobe Team the best for integration frontend. DSV PHP Editor for Mac. Developer Tools › Webmaster Tools. DSV PHP Editor by Dmitrijs Volkovs is a free piece of software that gives you the possibility to create and edit PHP scripts, HTML, CSS, Java Script and SQL pages.

The essential tools for any PHP developer, including PHP language support, Git client, Mylyn and editors for JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML.

There are tons of online PHP editors available in the market, but only few of them has the required advanced features. Top online code editors including CodeEnvy, PHPFiddle, WritePHPOnline, PHPAnywhere and few others are recommended by the developers for writing/editing the code online. EditRocket, a Text and Source Code Editor with support for over 20 programming languages, includes a powerful PHP editor that strives to make PHP development quick, easy, and enjoyable. The PHP editor included in EditRocket includes many tools and features to aid in PHP development.

  • Fast, powerful and intuitive to use
  • PHP IDE and PHP editor
  • HTML5-, CSS3- and JavaScript editor
  • Code insight
  • Debug and profile PHP with Xdebug
  • PHP frameworks
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • Integration with GIT and SVN
  • Work with files over FTP/SFTP


phpDesigner 8 is a fast and powerful PHP IDE and PHP editor with full-blown HTML5-, CSS3- and JavaScript built-in editors. Highly customizable IDE with intelligent syntax highlighting, debug support, syntax analyzing, support for object-oriented coding, code insight on the fly, code templates, code snippets, todo and bug managers, work with projects and frameworks, intuitive code navigation, code formatters and minifiers and all wrapped into a nice looking intuitive user interface.


Key features

phpDesigner 8 comes with new features and improvements that will help you create and build tomorrows websites, HTML5 web apps and boost your coding skills, making phpDesigner 8 your preferred tool for any web development. See all features here.

Syntax highlighters

Code Insight helps you master PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript on the fly.


Built-in code completion for HTML5. It can even suggest you the missing tag.

Php Text Editor

PHP Debugging

Analyze, evaluate, profile, find errors in your PHP code line by line with Xdebug.

PHP Frameworks

Supports all frameworks for PHP e.g. Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii and Symfony.

JS Frameworks

Supports libraries like jQuery, ExtJS, Yui, Dojo. MooTools and Prototype.


Syntax themes are customizable and also comes in black variants.

Boost your productivity

phpDesigner 8 comes with tons of time-saving features that helps you boost your productivity. Do more in less time.

  • Code Insight for PHP , HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript including jQuery and other popular JavaScript frameworks
  • Intelligent syntax highlighting
  • Intuitive way to navigate through your projects

Code Insight on the fly

Boost productivity and speed up your coding with the code insight for PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as you type.

  • Code completion for PHP
  • Code tip for PHP
  • Support for nested PHP objects
  • Advanced support for working with PHP classes
  • Support for PHP and JavaScript object oriented programming (OOP)
  • Code completion for phpDocumentor
  • Code insight for HTML5 (with support for embedded code insight for PHP, JavaScript- and CSS3)
  • Embedded code insight for JavaScript
  • Embedded code insight for CSS3
  • Code insight for CSS3
  • Code completion for JavaScript
  • Code tip for JavaScript
  • Code inspector for HTML5
  • Code explorer for PHP, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Code explorer for PHP with filter, CSS3 and JavaScript

Intelligent syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

Switch automatic between highlighters for PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript dependant on your position in your code and dim the rest of the code so you can keep a focus on your code. You can even see syntax errors as you type.

  • Intelligent syntax highlighting with syntax dim
  • Intelligent syntax highlighting with no syntax dim
  • Syntax check for PHP
  • Syntax check for HTML5
  • Syntax check for CSS3

PHP frameworks and popular JavaScript frameworks

Support for any PHP frameworks in phpDesigner 8. You can instantly access any classes, functions, variables located in your framework as you type.

phpDesigner 8 supports your favorite and all PHP frameworks. You can instantly access any classes, functions, variables located in your framework as you type. But also popular JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Ext JS, YUI, Dojo and MooTools.

  • Work with any PHP framework
  • Code completion for PHP
  • Code tip for PHP
  • Code tip for JavaScript
  • Code completion for JavaScript
  • Go to any PHP, CSS and JavaScript declarations
  • jQuery in action in phpDesigner 8

Debug and profile PHP scripts with Xdebug

Analyze your code step by step with breakpoints, watches and evaluations. Find bottlenecks in your code and speed up the slow parts in your code with the profiler.


phpDesigner 8 comes with full support for PHP 5.3+ and configured to fully support Xdebug.

  • Debug with breakpoints
  • Call stack
  • Context variables
  • Watches
  • Evaluate injection localglobal
  • Debug errors
  • Syntax check for PHP
  • Profiler

Learn to code PHP

The integration of the PHP manual allows you to learn and explorer the world of PHP. Shorten your learning curve!

  • PHP manual integration

Php Editors For Mac

Code whereever you go

phpDesigner 8 is also available in a port portable 'USB' edition. Work with your code wherever you go!

  • Use phpDesigner from an USB pen

Intuitive and enjoyable to use for hours

Best Text Editors For Mac

The philosophy behind phpDesigner 8 is to make it, enjoyable to use for hours for both beginners and professional developers through an easy-to-use-, intuitive- and customizable interface and workspace!

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Powerful like Eclipse IDE, tiny and fast like TextPad!
Powerful like Eclipse IDE, tiny and fast like TextPad. To buy phpDesigner was one of the best decisions I made since I started coding in PHP!

Helped so many of my students to become something they never thought they would be, programmers!
phpDesigner has given me what I need to suceed in my business and allowed me to teach others with extreme ease.
The auto-complete and the code-libaries have helped so many of my students to become something they never thought they would be, programmers!

Swiss army knife for every good PHP and web 2.0 developer!
I was looking for a good PHP IDE for Windows. I tested several free and commercial projects until I found phpDesigner.
It was THE software I was looking for all the time. For an unbeatable, excellent price! It has all a developer needs, including a realtime debugger, project management, syntax highlighting for several languages (PHP, HTML, JS, ...) and SVN support.
This software is the Swiss army knife for every good PHP and web 2.0 developer!

phpDesigner is the best thing that happened to web development
I've been using phpDesigner for almost a year now and it's really easy to get into and use.
I work a lot with different CMS-platforms and do adjust them to my needs and phpDesigner makes this child's play. I just recently bought the Portable Edition so I can use the program when I'm not home.
I recommend this to everyone who's into web development, be it a beginner, expert or professional.

phpDesigner is a super fast PHP IDE with many features. I think this one could be one of the biggest in the short future.... so keep your eye on it!
Wow... what a response (thousands of comments were added by users about phpDesigner). Well I can't say I'm surprised. Anyway, this is clearly a 5 star product :)