Paragon Ntfs For Mac Мы Tuxera Ntfs

Fully-Featured Port of the Industry-Standard NTFS Solution Immediately Available for CE 6.0 Deployments

  • Paragon NTFS for Mac和Tuxera NTFS for Mac这两 个功 能其 bai 实是 差不 多的 du. 只是Tuxera有一个优 势就 是它有 zhi 个磁盘管理组 件, 可 dao 以帮助管 回 理磁 盘: 格式转 答 化、查看信息、修复磁盘. 个人还是觉得tuxera 比较好.
  • The NTFS-Free driver has also been reported to have stability issues with multiple NTFS drives. Plus, it does not have any user interface to interact with the driver. For better support for NTFS drivers on Mac, consider a paid alternative such as Tuxera NTFS or Paragon NTFS driver for Mac OS X. Uninstall NTFS-Free driver from Mac.

目前市场上比较知名的就是Paragon NTFS for Mac和Tuxera NTFS for Mac ,对此很多朋友都不知道该如何选择,今天就为大家具体介绍一下这两者之间的区别,以供大家参考。 区别1: 磁盘管理——Disk Manager的不同. 区别2: 将磁盘设置为“启动”项不同.

SUNNYVALE, CA, July 3, 2010 — Tuxera has today released Tuxera NTFS for Windows CE. The new platform port is based on Tuxera’s widely deployed and portable code base with millions of installations in productions use. Tuxera NTFS is distributed to first customers on Windows CE 6.0 for evaluation and product integration.

Tuxera CTO Szabolcs Szakacsits said: “We are proud to strengthen Tuxera’s leadership role in the NTFS market by a fully-functional read-write port to yet another important platform. Tuxera’s focus on reliable and portable codebase with many millions of deployments ensures customers can trust on Tuxera when it comes to interoperable file systems.”

Paragon Ntfs For Mac Мы Tuxera Ntfs

“The feedback from the first Windows CE customers has been very positive,” Tuxera CEO Mikko Välimäki continued. “NTFS is today the first solution for most interoperable file system uses. I am thus happy to confirm Tuxera’s entry to the embedded Windows ecosystem is long-term. We will follow the news today with more Windows CE and Embedded announcements in the near future.”

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Paragon Ntfs Vs Tuxera Ntfs

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