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For 15 years, Outpost Firewall Pro has set the standard for firewall protection. An award-winning solution, it consistently posts the highest industry ratings for inbound and outbound traffic protection as well as data leak prevention. All this without impacting your computers performance!

Welcome to Digital365, an online shopping portal bringing you access to software and digital products for PC and Mac as well as online software. Our categories range from cyber security / anti-virus, audio and music, image and video as well as much more such as games. Agnitum's robust Outpost firewall is tough enough to resist any attack, and its advanced program control blocks sneaky malware. Spyware protection is a nice (if imperfect) bonus. High-tech types.


Keeps ports closed
Outpost keeps the main ports shut to prevent unsafe connections.

Prevents calling home
Outpost filters outbound traffic and prevents malware from calling home, or transmitting your data to hackers.

  1. Outpost firewall free free download - ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, Comodo Firewall, USB FireWall, and many more programs. Enter to Search. My Profile Logout.
  2. With impressive firewall protection built into Windows itself, a modern personal firewall really needs to shine. Outpost Firewall Pro 9.0 doesn't; several free firewalls outperform it in various ways.
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Keeps your private information private
Outpost makes sure there are no data leaks, so your filesВ documents, photos, videos, emails, and more – remain protected.

Blocks incoming targeted attacks
Outpost defends your online privacy against hackers and targeted attacks with a tailored attack detection module.

Makes PCs invisible
Outpost runs in stealth mode, so your PC appears offline to hackers and can not respond to potentially harmful requests.

Forget freezes and slowdowns
Outpost stands for quiet protection for your PC, undemanding on computer resources. Outpost does its job and does not slow your system down.

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Outpost Firewall Mac

What’s New in Version 9.3.4934.708.2079:


The following improvements have been made:
В Digital signatures verification logic is improved

The following issues have been fixed:
В Issue with network operations driver start during installation on Windows 10 is fixed
В Issue with descriptor leak during product operation is fixed
В Issue with installation on systems with CPU lacking SSE2 support is fixed
В Inability to update version 9.1 with specified configuration password is fixed
В Issue with database update infinite loop during installation over version 9.1 with import of configuration with specific time for updates check is fixed
В Setup wizard operation logic on systems with installed ESET Antivirus is improved
В Issue with display of some processes in File and Registry Monitor on 64-bit platforms is fixed

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