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Using Geekbench 5’s OpenCL test, which performs compute tasks using the GPU, we saw about a 10 percent performance change compared to the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 used in the current entry. OpenCL is an open standard maintained by the non-profit technology consortium Khronos Group. Conformant implementations are available from Altera, AMD, Apple (OpenCL along with OpenGL is deprecated for Apple hardware, in favor of Metal 2), ARM, Creative, IBM, Imagination, Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Vivante, Xilinx, and ZiiLABS. For those of you with 2006-2007 Mac Pros, the fastest OpenCL 'aware' choice is the Radeon HD 4870 whose test results we will add to this page in a few days. Though it is not officially supported by Apple for the older Mac Pros, we assure you it works just fine on 2006-2007 Mac Pros based on our own testing and testimony of our readers. Hello All, I don't know if this is the right place to ask. In my project (OSX) I have to execute a lot of FFTs (1-dimensional, radix-2): up to 60 times per second. Welcome to the Geekbench OpenCL Benchmark Chart. The data on this chart is calculated from Geekbench 5 results users have uploaded to the Geekbench Browser. To make sure the results accurately reflect the average performance of each GPU, the chart only includes GPUs with at least five unique results in the Geekbench Browser.

Hello All,

I don't know if this is the right place to ask...

In my project (OSX) I have to execute a lot of FFTs (1-dimensional, radix-2): up to 60 times per second and the can become quite big: FFT-size 512k or bigger. For now I'm using the Accelerate framework for this but I'm looking for ways to do this more efficient and faster.

Naturally I'm looking at OpenCL and the FFT example apple has provided here:

Opencl Test For Mac

When I tried this example on my MacBook Pro (15' 2014) using Iris Pro GPU the program is reporting 'Test failed' for every test run. Which means that the result of the OpenCL FFT is different from the result of the Accelerate FFT.

If I run the same test on my iMac 27' which has an GeForce GTX 680MX GPU all test runs are passing successfully.

Is there any explanation for this?

I'm running OSX 10.10.5...

Thanks for your help!

1 – GpuTest 0.7.0 Downloads

Windows 64-bit (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10

Linux 64-bit (Ubuntu-based, openSUSE)

2 – GpuTest 0.7.0 Release Highlights


This update of GpuTest is available with two new features. The first one is a new OpenGL benchmark that draws the popular Julia fractal in a GLSL pixel shader. The interesting thing is that the Julia fractal is available in two flavors: FP32 and FP64. The Julia FP32 (fp32 = single precision floating point) test should run on any OpenGL 2 or OpenGL 3 capable hardware. The Julia FP64 is limited to OpenGL 4.0 capable hardware and draws the Julia fractal using FP64 (fp64 = double precision floating point) variables. Some scores are available in this article.

On NVIDIA GPUs, the Julia FP64 test runs perfectly on all platforms (Windows, Linux and OS X 10.9). On AMD GPUs, the Julia FP64 test runs fine on Windows, has some trouble on Linux (tested with FGLRX drivers on Linux Mint 16), and does not work on OS X…

I didn’t tested the FP64 demo on Intel GPUs.

GpuTest 0.7.0, Julia FP64 OpenGL 4.0 test – GeForce GT 650M – Mac OS X 10.9


The second feature is the possibility to submit scores to an online GPU database. This database stores all possible (platform-dependent) GPU data (device IDs, clock speeds, temperature, drivers, etc.) as well as OpenGL and OpenCL information (extensions, version, etc.). This GPU database is also used by the latest GPU Caps Viewer.

Ranking / comparative tables will be available shortly!

GpuTest 0.7.0 comes with new textures to change a bit the look of the other 3D tests:

GpuTest 0.7.0, FurMark test

Opencl test mac

GpuTest 0.7.0, TessMark X32 test

GpuTest 0.7.0, GiMark test

For Linux users, an Python/Tkinter interface is available. To launch it, justr open a terminal in GpuTest folder and type:

Opencl Test Mac

Depending on the state of your distro, maybe you will need to install the python-tk package:

Do not hesitate to improve this interface and send me your work. I will add it in GpuTest (with your credits!).

Opencl Benchmark Macos

GpuTest 0.7.0, Linux Python/tkinter GUI

In the Windows and Linux versions, I added the temperature graph when GPU core temperature sensor is available. The temperature graph can be displayed with the OSI (On Screen Info) checkbox or via the command line:

The temp graph is not available in benchmark mode for performance reasons.

Update (2014.04.25): for Linux users, here is an alternative front-end (gtk+/glade/python):
The front-end require GTK+ 3.10.


A forum is available HERE for feedbacks or bug-reports.

3 – GpuTest 0.7.0 Changelog

Does Android Support OpenCL?

  • added online score database.
  • added temperature graph (OSI) when available.
  • added new Julia FP64 fractal test (OpenGL 4.0).
  • added new Julia FP32 fractal test (OpenGL 2.1 / 3.0).
  • updated with latest 3d framework.

Opencl Test For Mac High Sierra

OpenCL NVIDIA Developer

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