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If you are looking for an SQLite Editor in the public domain under Creative Commons license or GPL (General Public License) i.e. for free commercial or non-commercial use. Then here is a shortlist of the SQLite Editor that is available on the web for free download.

These software work on macOS, Windows, Linux and most of the Unix Operating systems.

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1. SQLiteStudio

Link :

SQLiteStudio Database manager has the following features :

  • A small single executable Binary file, so there is need to install or uninstall.
  • Open source and free - Released under GPLv2 licence.
  • Good UI with SQLite3 and SQLite2 features.
  • Supports Windows 9x/2k/XP/2003/Vista/7, Linux, MacOS X, Solaris, FreeBSD and other Unix Systems.
  • Language support : English, Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Chinese,
  • Exporting Options : SQL statements, CSV, HTML, XML, PDF, JSON, dBase
  • Importing Options : CSV, dBase, custom text files, regular expressions
  • UTF-8 support

2. Sqlite Expert

Link :

SQLite Expert though not under public domain, but its free for commercial use and is available in two flavours.

Open Source Os For Mac

a. Personal Edition

  • It is free for personal and commercial use but, covers only basic SQLite features.
  • But its a freeware and does not have an expiration date.

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b. Professional Edition

  • It is for $59 (onetime fee, with free lifetime updates )
  • It covers In-depth SQLite features.
  • But its a freeware and does not have an expiration date.

Features :

  • Visual SQL Query Builder : with auto formatting, sql parsing, analysis and syntax highlighting features.
  • Powerful restructure capabilities : Restructure any complex table without losing data.
  • Import and Export data : CSV files, SQL script or SQLite. Export data to Excel via clipboard.
  • Data editing : using powerful in-place editors
  • Image editor : JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and ICO image formats.
  • Full Unicode Support.
  • Support for encrypted databases.
  • Lua and Pascal scripting support.

3. Database Browser for SQLite

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Link :

  • Database Browser for SQLite is a high quality, visual, open source tool to create, design, and edit database files compatible with SQLite.
  • Database Browser for SQLite is bi-licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2, as well as the GNU General Public License Version 3 or later.
  • You can modify or redistribute it under the conditions of these licenses.

Features :

  • You can Create, define, modify and delete tables
  • You can Create, define and delete indexes
  • You can Browse, edit, add and delete records
  • You can Search records
  • You can Import and export records as
  • You can Import and export tables from/to text, CSV, SQL dump files
  • You can Issue SQL queries and inspect the results
  • You can See Log of all SQL commands issued by the application

4. SQLite Manager for Firefox Browser

Link :

This is an addon plugin for Firefox Browser,

Features :

  • Manage any SQLite database on your computer.
  • An intuitive hierarchical tree showing database objects.
  • Helpful dialogs to manage tables, indexes, views and triggers.
  • You can browse and search the tables, as well as add, edit, delete and duplicate the records.
  • Facility to execute any sql query.
  • The views can be searched too.
  • A dropdown menu helps with the SQL syntax thus making writing SQL easier.
  • Easy access to common operations through menu, toolbars, buttons and context-menu.
  • Export tables/views/database in csv/xml/sql format. Import from csv/xml/sql (both UTF-8 and UTF-16).
  • Possible to execute multiple sql statements in Execute tab.
  • You can save the queries.
  • Support for ADS on Windows
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