Notepad For Mac Download

On all platforms HTML-NOTEPAD is just two files: html-notepad[.exe] and sciter.dll[.dylib or .so] so the application is portable by its nature – you can copy these files to any folder on your machine (e.g. on flash drive) and run it from there.

  1. Notepad for Mac? Notepad and Notepad DON'T support Mac. UltraEdit for Mac is one of the best Notepad for Mac OS X alternative. It provides you the following features: 1. UltraEdit is a truly native text editor for Mac with truly Mac OSX native look and feel and powerful features. Customize UltraEdit's interface and layouts to work best for.
  2. Notepad 7.9: Stand with Hong Kong Notepad 7.8.9: Stand with Hong Kong Notepad 7.8.8 release Notepad 7.8.7 release.

Notepad Download for Mac easily from this page. Notepad Download for Mac The Notepad is one of the best editing desktop applications written in C and officially uses the pure Win32 API & STL which ultimately make sure that the user experiences the best execution speed.

Installation is not required, but for your convenience I’ve included installation packages.

Notepad For Mac Download
  • Installation executable : html-notepad-setup.exe (2,180 KB)
  • Portable version: (2,526 KB) – unpack the zip in some folder and run html-notepad.exe from there.
  • Universal version, works on all Windows version starting from Windows XP (coming)
Mac OS

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Notepad Mac Os

Installation package: html-notepad.dmg (4,826 KB)

Linux (requires GTK 3)

Portable executable: html-notepad-dist.tar.gz (4,281 KB) – unpack the tarball in some folder and run html-notepad from there. You may need to adjust permissions of binaries.


Notepad For Mac Html Free Download

HTML-NOTEPAD is a part of Sciter SDK that you can download either from Sciter’s site or access them at GitHub.