Linux For Mac Mini G4

Linux For Mac Mini G4
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Everything I’ve read suggests that installing MorphOS on a G4 Mac mini is the easiest route. It makes installing MorphOS relatively painless (if you call overwriting a perfectly good Mac OS X. The so called NewWorld PowerMacs are any PowerMacs in translucent colored plastic cases, all iMacs, iBooks, G4 and G5 systems. The NewWorld PowerMacs are also known for using the `ROM in RAM' system for Mac OS, and were manufactured from mid-1998 onwards. Here is a list of powerpc machines which should work with Debian. Put the USB stick into your Mac and press the power button while holding down Command ⌘+Option+O+F. At the prompt, type the following: boot usb1/[email protected]:,yaboot Note: If you are booting linux then use,yaboot, but if you are booting a Mac OS use,tbxi. Note 2: If your stick is in the right side of the machine, then you need to do this.

Linux on the Mac Mini

(This article has been translated to Spanish by Maria Ramos '; Gracias, Maria!)

The first generation of Mac Mini systems used PowerPC G4 processors.This page primarily describes a technique forinstalling Debian on these earlier PowerPC G4 based systems; I have now addeda short guide to installing Ubuntu on the newer Intel based systems.


Power Mac G4

Mac Mini systems shipped since February 2006 contain Intel 'Core Duo' processors and an Intel 945GM+ICH7M chipset. In otherwords they are regular PCs using Intel's Centrino platform, modulo some fancy firmware, and witha little persuasion can run common or garden i386 Linux.

Linux For Mac Mini G4 Pro

We have both an i386 (Intel) and a PowerPC Mac Mini. The i386 Mac Minidual boots MacOS X and a pre-release of Ubuntu 6.10(Edgy Eft Knot 2). Ubuntu is a Debian-based distribution focusing on desktop usability and regular stable releases. In the photo below, the ICBM (Intel chip based Macintosh) is on top, with the G4 system underneath. The dimensions and paintcolours match exactly, although the width of the optical drive slot is wider onthe ICBM to allow space on one side for the infra-red receiver, and the G4 hasa very slight chamfer around the top edge which the ICBM does not.