Idle Python For Mac

IDLE is an Integrated and learning environment created with Python using the GUI Tkinter toolkit. This is mainly used by beginners to get familiar with Python. IDLE is a cross-platform application that works with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. In windows, IDLE comes by default with the installation. For Mac OS and Linux, we have to install the IDLE separately.

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IDLE Features

  1. The story behind the name IDLE is similar to Python. Guido Van Rossum named Python after the British comedy group Monty Python while the name IDLE was chosen to pay tribute to Eric Idle, who was one of the Monty Python's founding members. IDLE comes bundled with the default implementation of the Python language since the 01.5.2b1 release.
  2. Python for windows8.1 free download - Python, Python, Python Interpreter, and many more programs.
  3. I have python3.7.2 and idle installed on my mac, both of them came from the official installation package, run without problem for months, until recently I changed my terminal shell to zsh and also installed another version of python when homebrew is trying to have it as a dependency.

IDLE is known to hang or crash when used with the Apple 8.5.7 included in all versions of macOS 10.6.x. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you do not attempt to use Tkinter or IDLE with the Apple-supplied Python 2.6.1 in 10.6. Instead, install a newer version of Python that supports a newer version of Tk. This is an Aqua Cocoa Tk. Python is also usable as an extension language for applications that need a programmable interface.The Python implementation is portable: it runs on many brands of UNIX, on Windows, DOS, OS/2, Mac.

  • Interactive Interpreter.
  • A multi-window text editor.
  • Smart intends.
  • Code coloring.
  • Call tips.
  • Auto indentation.
  • Debugger with persistent breakpoints.
  • Stepping and Viewing of local and global Namespace.

If you are a beginner to Python programming or new to programming, IDLE is the best place to start with. But if you are an experienced programmer switching from another language to Python then you may try more advanced editors like Pycharm, VScode, Sublime Text, VIM, etc.

Install Python IDLE IDE in Linux

In most of today’s modern Linux distributions, Python is installed by default and it comes with the IDLE application. However, If isn’t installed, you can install it using your default package manager as shown.

Once the installation is completed type 'idle' from the terminal or go to start menu type 'idle' Launch application.

When you open the IDLE, the interactive terminal will be displayed first. The interactive terminal provides auto-completion too, you can press (ALT + SPACE) for auto-completion.

Writing First Python Program Using IDLE

Go to File → New File → To open the text editor. Once the editor is opened you can write the program. To run the program from the text editor, save the file and press F5 or Run → Run Module.

To access the debugger go to Debug → Debugger. Debug mode will be on, you can debug and step through the code.

Idle tutorial python for mac

Go to Options → Configure IDLE. This will open settings windows.

That’s all for today. We have seen what IDLE is and how to install it in Linux. How to write the first python program through interpreter and Text editor. How to access the builtin debugger and how to change the settings of IDLE.

Its worth spending a bit of time describing how to use IDLE. To most, this may not be immediately obvious.

Idle Tutorial Python For Mac

Launch IDLE shell window

To start, we need to open the python shell window. This is the first window you see when you launch the IDLE application. If you haven’t already, drag the IDLE icon from your Launchpad down into the dock. This will ensure it is ever present whenever you wish to launch.

Open editor window

From the shell window, you need to open an editor window. The editor window is where we will write python code. From the IDLE menu bar (click on the shell window to ensure the menu bar is IDLE specific) click File, New File. This will open a new window called “Untitled”

Save File

Its probably a good idea to save the editor window file at this point. This will ensure your code can be saved as you work on it, and it can be retrieved at a later point. From the menu bar, click File, Save As. Each Python file name will have a .py extension. This is provided by default when you name your file.

Python On Mac

Write some code

I wanted to prove that my set up worked so I entered some code in the editor window. I wrote a hello world program using the code below. Click File, Save on the IDLE menu when this code has been written in the editor window.

Run program

Executing the code returns (prints) the string values (within quotation marks) stored inside brackets to the python shell window. On the IDLE menu bar click Run, Run Module. This returns the output shown below to the shell window.


Code written and successfully returned to the shell window! To follow on from my previous post, rubber has in fact hit the road. I now have a set up that works and the tools that I need to start learning Python.

Sidenote – The website has a a comprehensive guide on using IDLE which goes well beyond this post. For more detail, this is a great place to look.