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File synchronisation is incredibly useful. If you are creating a web site, it makes it easy to ensure that the latest version of files are uploaded, and synchronisation can also be used to create backups of important files.


GoodSync can be used in synchronisation or backup mode, making it a versatile tool. Files can be synchronised with or backed up to other folders, separate drives, removable media, networked computers or online servers.

  • The following tutorial will detail how to install GoodSync for WD on Mac. 1) Download and install the latest version of GoodSync for WD from here. 2) Next, double-click on the downloaded installer to start the installation process. 3) Double-click the GoodSync icon to begin installation.
  • Serve Files from this Computer to GoodSync clients (Server): GoodSync installed on this computer is able to accept incoming requests (e.g you trying to access data on this computer from GoodSync installed on your mobile or any other device). System user must be provided for this option.

Used in two-way synchronisation mode, GoodSync makes it easy to keep files in sync in two locations - as soon as files are created, edited or deleted, the change will be reflected in the connected location. Used in one-way backup mode, GoodSync provides a means of safeguarding your files.

But it does not end there. GoodSync can also be used to synchronise data between applications. There are a number of supported programs, including RoboForm, Outlook, QuickBooks and Windows Mail. The program is easy to set up and the synchronisation is fast and reliable, helping to give you peace of mind.

GoodSync2Go for Mac. Stay in sync while on the move: GoodSync2Go for Mac gives you the flexibility of a USB drive along with GoodSync's backup and synchronization power all in one tidy package. GoodSync2Go installs and runs directly on any portable device such as a USB flash drive or portable hard drive. GoodSync for Mac works on MacOS starting with ver 10.10. Only 64-bit Intel is supported. GoodSync for Mac Features are described here. The Manual is here. Frequently Asked Questions are here. Free 30-day trial: enjoy all of GoodSync features without any limitations.

Goodsync For Mac

The free version of GoodSync can be used to maintain up to three synchronisation jobs, while in the Pro version there is no limit on the number of jobs that can be created. The free version has a limit of 100 files per synchronisation job but, again, in GoodSync Pro, there is no limit on the number of files that can be included in a synchronisation job.

Goodsync mac os x

Goodsync For Mac

A solid and reliable synchronisation tool which doubles as a backup program