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قم بتنزيل آخر نسخة من Funter لـ Mac. دبر ملفاتك المخفية. إذا أردت أن تشتغل على ملفاتك المخفية بطريقة بسيطة فإن برنامج Funter يعتبر واحدا من بين البرامج المتوفرة.


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If you want to work with your hidden files in a simple way, Funter is one of the simplest tools for that purpose that you can find on the market. This tool is especially designed for all those users coming from other operating systems or don't know to manage hidden files from Mac.
The cool thing about this program is that it has a simple button that lets you enable or disable the option to view hidden files. From the minute you install it, it will always stay at the top of screen so you can save private files with a simple click. In any case Funter needs no more than a simple tap to hide or display any item.
On the other hand, this tool includes some secondary features showing how much space you're using on your Mac, so you can get rid of trash files that have accumulated on your machine. Plus the file explorer can substitute Finder to access any item.

Funter For Mac Os

The application can also resize partitions that hold huge amounts of data without losing any of your files. You can even convert a Mac partition to a Windows one and vice versa. It supports HFS, FAT, and NTFS file systems. For HFS, iPartition can also convert a partition. Trusted Mac download Funter 5.0.1. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Funter alternative downloads. Funter is an extra little utility for Mac OS X that can help make the Finder app within the operating system better. If you ever wished to decide whether to show or hide important system file and already hidden files, then this little extra can make that happen. Funter starts-up when the OS X system is first booted up.