Freeze Panes In Excel For Mac

This Excel tutorial explains how to freeze panes to keep the top row visible when scrolling in Excel 2011 for Mac (with screenshots and step-by-step instructions).

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Freeze Panes Excel Mac 2016

Question: In Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac, I have a spreadsheet with column headings. I need a way to scroll down the rows, but still see the column headings that are contained in the top row. How can I do this?


How Do You Freeze Panes In Excel For Mac

Freeze rows or columns. Freeze the first column. Select View Freeze Panes Freeze First Column. The faint line that appears between Column A and B shows that the first column is frozen. The Freeze Panes command in Excel 2007 enables you to freeze portions of a worksheet, typically column and row headings, so that you can view distant parts of the worksheet while the headings remain in place. Freezing panes only affects the current worksheet.

How Do You Freeze Panes In Excel For Mac

Answer: If you need to see the column headings even after scrolling, you could try freezing the top row in Excel.

NOTE: Freezing panes only works when you are in Normal View.

To freeze the top row, open your Excel spreadsheet.

Select the Layout tab from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Click on the Freeze Panes button and click on the Freeze Top Row option in the popup menu.

Now when you scroll down, you should still continue to see the column headings.