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Top 10 Mind Map Software for Windows

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The word “mind map” might not be strange to you. However, can you explain what exactly it is at the second I mentioned it? Well, I guess some of you may hesitate for a while. To put simply, a mind map turns traditional complex texts into concise texts with visualized symbols. It is a diagram which organizes information hierarchically and shows relationships among pieces of the whole. Back to when digital mapping tools hadn’t appeared, people would sketch a mind map on their paper with a pen by hand. Nowadays as information technology progresses, people create a mind map on the screen with a software with the help of their computer. Consequently, out of its multi-functional use, mind maps are now prevalent among people in various fields. This article recommends you Top 10 mind mapping software for Windows operating system.


Mind mapping software for mac free download - Orbit Mind - Mind Mapping, SimpleMind+ Intuitive Mind Mapping, NovaMind Mind Mapping, and many more programs. Free Download the Mind Map Software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Mobile. Free Mind Map Software is available.

Highlights:Fast one-click navigation; Tiny memory; Cross-platform; Java-based

Pricing: Free

FreeMind is a piece of free high-productivity mind mapping software. Due to its one-click, “fold/unfold” and “follow link” operations, the operation and navigation of FreeMind are faster than that of MindManager. Its “Smart copying and pasting from” operation has attracted many users because the software can paste links from HTML and structure the pasted content based on the number of leading spaces in a line.FreeMind has always kept a low profile and focused on efficiency and quality, which makes a weak point – limited support for fancy graphics. For people who don’t pursue decorative graphics, FreeMind could be a choice in mind mapping.

Edraw MindMaster

Highlights:Abundant Clip Arts; Gantt View; Advanced Presentation Modes

Pricing: USD$ 9, 39, 69 for monthly, half-year and annual subscription; USD$ 99, 179, 245 for the perpetual license with 1 year, 3-year and permanent upgrade.

Free Version is available

Mindmaster is made by the Edraw software company, a professional diagramming software producer. Two versions are available – Free version and Pro version. Actually, the free version is enough to satisfy common users’ demand. However, for professional mind mappers, massive elements like themes and background images are needed. Edraw Mindmaster Pro provides users with abundant clip art resources, mind map examples, marks, and customization of themes, etc. Mindmaster makes a breakthrough in mind map presentation – create slides automatically in accordance with the logical distribution of the mind map. Besides, the Pro version offers 1G cloud storage so that users can not only save and their mind maps at any time but also collaborate with partners conveniently. With Edraw MindMaster, you can not only present project in hierarchical work breakdown structure, but also switch to Gantt view to track task start/end date and progress. As a loyal customer of Edraw products, among mind mapping software for Windows, I like MindMaster most.


Highlights: Mufti-functional views; Side panel

Pricing: USD$100.00 for Home & Student; USD$235.00 for Ultimate

The five views under the “Home” tab of iMind Map 10 — fast capture view, brainstorm view, a mind map view, time map view, and presentation view become the hit of its late product. These views allow users to meet their customized demand respectively : showcase their ideas in the most primary state without formatting and distractions within several typing, pin their thoughts on the infinite canvas on sticky notes, boost their ideas through comprehensive offering of organic mind mapping techniques, integrate mind mapping with project planning to manage their projects from inspiration to completion in one efficient workspace, and transform their thoughts into concrete memorable content under slick 3D presentation slide. Besides, the newly updated side panel lets users format their creations quickly and works in sync between views for effortless customization. For further convenience, it is accessible on mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone.


Highlights: Web image search; Presentation mode

Pricing: USD$ 39 for lifetime license of Desktop Premium and USD$ 36 for the annual upgrade

Free for Desktop Free

“Educate tomorrow’s thinkers today.” As its slogan suggests, Mindomo mainly focuses on school service, thus teachers and students become their major clients. Mindomo actually offers three functionality for users – personal & business, teacher, and student. When signing in on its website, users need to fill in a chart asking for detailed information on their functionality before a trial. Comparing with other mind mapping apps, the outstanding breakthrough of Mindomo is that users can search web images directly from the map and add them with just one click. Besides, the presentation mode allows students to show the audience their mapping process, thus revealing their mind flow. Last but not least, Mindomo is an integration of offline working with online editing and collaborating while mobile apps for iPad and Android are available.


Highlights: Concise UI; Cost-efficient

Pricing: USD$79 for Xmind 8 Plus, USD$99 for Xmind 8 Pro

Comparing with other mind mapping software, Xmind is obviously cost-efficient for common users because the free Xmind 8 is versatile enough to meet their demand. Most commonly used functions are put on the right bar of the canvas, giving users more operating space as well as a more concise UI. In the brainstorming mode of Xmind 8 Pro, users can classify their inspirations in Idea Factory in groups. Getting different thoughts gathered from catalogs allow creative sparkles of users’ mind flow out. To share their mind maps, users may save them as an Evernote note in the form of an image, outline text or the default Xmind file.

Edraw Max

Highlights: Multi-platforms; Cloud collaboration; Export and share

Pricing: USD $ 179 for the perpetual license with 3- year upgrade; USD $ 245 for lifetime license; USD $ 99 for annual subscription license with the 1-year upgrade.

More than 200 Diagram Types

The slogan of Edraw mind map software is “Excellent Mind Map Visio Alternative For Mac, Windows, and Linux”, declaring its ambition in mind mapping. Furthermore, the outstanding merit of Mind Master is that it offers abundant pre-made examples and built-in clip arts, and you can use them to decorate your mind maps for free. Through Edraw cloud, you can not only store your creations but also cooperate and share documents with your collaborators. In addition, MindMaster allows users to export mind maps into various forms like Word, PPT, Excel, Visio, PDF, EPS, Html, SVG, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, etc. All the exported files are vector diagrams which allow edit.


Free Mind Maps Online

Concept mapping software mac

Highlights: Business style; Convenient sharing; Flexibility

Pricing: USD$376.92 for Perpetual license With 1 Year Upgrades

Also named “Mindjet”, MindManager is quite popular among business people. Comparing with the past version, MindManager 2017 has made great progress in sharing and flexibility. With the universal file export, users can share their creations with collaborators and edit them together even they don’t have MindManager installed on their computers. Besides, via Zapier as the intermediary, MindManager has cooperation with hundreds of cloud applications such as Gmail, Slack, and Asana, etc. Users can send and receive content between these applications and MindManager. Mind Manager charges a volume-based price for Enterprise customers, offering a flexible for organizations and teams.


Highlights: Easy to get started and share

Pricing: USD$ 4.99 for Personal monthly; USD$ 8.33 for Pro monthly; USD$ 12.49 for Business monthly

As an online mind mapping tool, Mind Meister provides you with considerate instructions and five tutorials after you sign up on their web. You can create three mind maps with it for free. Its best advantage is that you can immediately share your creations with friends and colleagues. This function allows you to collaborate with them in real-time by inviting people via email or generating a shareable link in MindMeister through your social networks. It is upon you who can edit your mind map or only view it. What’s more, it has released free applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Mind Meister transforms your ideas into actionable tasks directly into the editor. Your tasks could be assigned to collaborators by a task widget; besides, relevant properties such as priorities, due dates and progress are available in this operation.



Highlights: Feature-rich software with ease-of-use

Pricing: USD$72 for a monthly subscription

As a newly-released mind mapping software, Novamind could take pride in its performance. When opening Novamind for the first time, don`t feel surprised at its UI which is extremely similar to that of PPT in Microsoft Office. After years of research and development, Novamind comes to the stage of mind mapping with the motto “Everyone is a Pro”. Not as flamboyant as other mind map software, Novamind keeps a low profile in its field with relatively low charge. You are allowed to create mind maps with up to 25 topics under a free lite subscription of Novamind. So far, what makes Novamind not perfect is that it reacts a bit slow to show users all the examples and adapts them to create a new map.


Highlights: Completely freeform notes; Small disk space; Low price; Easy to master

Pricing: USD$ 14.99

With double-clicking anywhere on the canvas, you can create a note. Sounds amazing, right? Scapple is a mind mapping tool which is more close to a freeform text editor where you can take notes anywhere on the canvas and connect them with lines and arrows using drag-and-drop however you like. As its slogan “ Rough it out” indicates, there are no predefined templates in Scapple, thus committing no limitations on your creation. In this case, users, even mind mapping beginners, will find it easy to get started and master it in no time. Having no complicated icons and templates, Scapple occupies very small disk space of only 80Mb. What`s more, the price is much cheaper than other mind mapping software. Typing whatever you want and connecting them however you like! That`s the beauty of Scapple. Creative ideas need complete freedom to sparkle.

Concept Mapping Software Mac

Browsing brief introduction and pictures above, you may have had a primary impression on exactly what a mind map is as well as some popular mind mapping software for Windows. All the software mentioned offering a free one-month trial. Try them out and choose the one suits you best.