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Free j2 Global Communications Mac OS X 10.1/10.2/10.3/10.3.9 Version 3.1.10 Full Specs. Download Now Secure Download. No more standing around the fax machine waiting for your fax to arrive. Model: Version: Print: Scan: Fax: Fuji Xerox Color C60 v3018.103 PS: 4.3: P: Fuji Xerox Color C70 v3018.103 PS: 4.3: P: Fuji Xerox D110 Kanji v3018.103 PS H3: 4.3. The second method, on the other hand, is free (provided you have an active phone line). However, it doesn’t work on certain versions of Mac OS X. If you have the latest version of Mac OS X Mavericks, then you should be all right. Online Fax Services for Mac. Depending on who you ask, there are three or four major email fax providers on the. Fax Machine for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Try out the alternative software to Fax Machine for Mac which was thoroughly picked by our editors to satisfy your needs. PageSender Fax Center Free. By SmileOnMyMac, LLC. PageSender Fax Center has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. The developer is still offering support.

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Mac computers are everywhere these days. In the past decades we have witnessed how Apple computers have become popular all over the World, not only with their desktop models but also with their Macbook models. There’s nothing you cannot do with one of these powerful machines, and that includes faxing!

Currently, there are three methods you can use to send and receive fax from ​a Mac computer. Each one of them works in a different way:

  • ​Using an online fax service that will let you fax using an Internet connection via email.
  • 2
    ​Using a multi function printer with faxing capabilities.
  • ​Using a Apple USB modem.
Fax For Mac Os
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​Fax from Mac with An Online Fax Service​

We​'ve added this alternative in the first place because it is the easiest one to use. An online fax service is able to convert your Mac into a virtual fax machine without having to install a dedicated fax line or buy additional equipment. ​

​These services let you send ​and receive faxes using your email, that’s why they are also known as email fax services. They basically grab incoming faxes (through a virtual dedicated fax number provided at the moment of signing up) and convert them to PDF fax files, readable on any digital device.

Faxes ​arrive your email inbox immediately. From there you can read them, print them or store them for later usage.

In addition, these services also let you fax through iOS devices with the help of smartphone apps​, so you can fax on the go, when you don’t have your Macbook at hand.

Ms office for mac os

There are many​ services out there, so you have to make sure they are Mac OS compatible. Especially if you are looking for some of the services that include a side fax application for computers. If you want to learn more, check out our review of the best online fax providers of 2019. They are all compatible with Mac’s operating system.

​Using a Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers have become a viable alternative for people who want to get rid of their fax machine but are not entirely sure to make the jump to digital faxing.

This method only works with some of the newer models that include faxing features, so before purchasing one of these machines be sure to research a little and see if the included software has also a version for Mac users, and not only for basic features, for their advanced features as well.

Besides a computer and a multifunction printer, you’ll still need a dedicated phone line for this alternative. So your line will be connected to the machine, and then your machine will be connected to your Mac.

If you are using a VoIP line, this method will not work. These machines work with traditional lines, since VoIP lines are not reliable for faxing, 99% of the time it will not work simply because that is not the purpose of VoIP.

What about wireless multifunction printers?

You shouldn’t get confused. When a printer says it is wireless it is not because they can connect to Internet to send and receive faxes, it is because they communicate wirelessly with your computer using either Bluetooth technology or your Wi-Fi network. They still need the physical line for fax data transmission.

If you want to use the Internet for faxing, right now the only way is using the first method outlined in this article.

Setting Up Your Printer

The way you send and receive faxes with the printer method varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and the software they use to complete the process. They may require you to keep your computer on at all times to avoid missing faxes. Some models have decided to include internal memory to store faxes when your computer is turned off, but beware, there are many cases of people who have lost faxes stored on temporary internal memory.

Here’s an example of how to set up your printer for faxing in MacOS Sierra

  • ​Install your printer following the manufacturer’s instructions
  • 2
    ​Click the Apple menu on the top-left corner of your screen an choose System Preferences > Printers & Scanners
  • ​You may be able to select your printer from the list on the left. If it’s not there, add it by clicking on the + button, and use your printer’s software.
  • 4
    ​Once it has been added, the compatible printer will automatically add fax capability.
  • ​Open the document you want to fax, then choose File > Print
  • 2
    ​Click on the PDF pop-up menu and choose Fax PDF
  • ​A new pop up menu will appear, and then you have to pick your printer.
  • 4
    ​Enter the recipient’s number by typing it on the To field or by choosing a number from your contact list.
  • ​Optionally you can add a cover page and a dial prefix
  • 6
    ​Click on Fax

​Fax with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and earlier Through a Fax Modem

Fax modems were very popular when digital fax first appeared. These devices acted as an intermediary between your fax line and your computer, and were essential to use the first wave of faxing software in the market, before the widespread use of online fax services.

Their use has declined in the past decade, but it still can be used for faxing in earlier versions of the OS X. Here’s what you need to fax via this method:

  • ​An Apple USB fax modem
  • ​A Mac running OS X version 10.4.3 through 10.6.8 (also known as Snow Leopard)
  • ​A physical fax line. VoIP lines won’t work with this method as they are incompatible.

​Faxing via this method is similar to the way we fax using a printer, by using the Print menu. This method is only good if you have an old Mac and an Apple USB modem with you, mainly because it has two big issues: 1) You need to have your computer on at all times to avoid missing faxes and 2) it doesn’t use the Internet at all to fax.

Here’s Apple’s full guide on how to fax with this method using Mac OS X 10.6.

What’s the Best ​Method to Fax from a Mac​ or Macbook?

Although we have presented three ways to fax using your Mac, there’s currently nothing that can beat online fax services in all aspects. This alternative is not only more cost-efficient and speedier, it is also quick to get started AND they provide you with advanced features right from the get go.

Faxing from a computer has never been easier. In fact, you can send a fax using just about any computer and I’m here to show you exactly how to fax from your computer using 7 different operating systems and devices.

Top 3 How to Ways To Send a Fax Online Over Any Computer

1) Online Fax Service: Easiest!

Table of Contents

  • 2 Configuring your PC as a Fax Machine
  • 3 Faxing Using Your Computer With A Fax Provider
  • 4 Sending a Fax Over Your Mac Computer
If you need to send out a fax immediately, I would just sign up for an online fax service like Ringcentral Fax.

Ringcentral Fax is a computer fax service that offers a 30 day free trial and then it is $17.99/mo. If you want to cancel, Ringcentral also provides a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee.

Then, using any internet-connected device, send an email to your recipient. Attach any documents you want to fax to that email fax to that email. Your contact field will look like this: [email protected], where “1234567890” is your recipient’s fax number and “YourOnlineFaxService.com” is whatever fax service you’re working with. After sending that email, your provider will automatically convert it into a fax and forward it to your recipient.

2) Connect a Phone Line to your PC
Many PCs have phone jacks AND I’ll show you how to connect your phone line and fax using7 different operating systems. Most people use these phone jacks to connect to wired internet in areas where no wireless internet is available. However, you can also use these phone jacks to send a fax. Simply attach an active phone line to your computer’s phone jack and then open the faxing software on your computer. On Windows PCs, the faxing software is Windows Fax and Scan – which is built-in to every PC. On Apple computers, it’s simply called the Fax PDF tool and can be found under File > Print.

3) Buy a Fax Modem USB Dongle

If you don’t have a telephone jack on your PC, then that’s okay. Even some PCs with telephone jacks don’t have faxing capabilities. If that’s the case, then you need to buy a fax modem USB dongle. These dongles are affordable (between $20 and $80) and work on virtually any computer with a USB slot. Simply plug the USB dongle into your computer and then run your OS’s faxing software (Windows Fax and Scan or Apple’s Fax PDF tool).

Configuring your PC as a Fax Machine

This section applies to anyone who does not currently have an electronic fax provider. If you want to send a fax over your computer without using an online provider, then there are a number of easy ways to do that.

“Fax Anytime, Cancel Anytime” and get 1500 free faxes per month with Ringcentral Fax.

The easiest way to do that is to connect a phone line to your PC. Some PCs – especially older PCs – have a phone jack port built-in. This is to provide wired internet access in case wireless internet isn’t available. However, you can also use that jack to connect a phone line to your PC and use it as a fax machine.

If you don’t see a phone jack port on your PC, then you can purchase an external fax modem. External fax modems connect to your computer’s USB port and feature a phone jack port. They allow you to turn just about any PC into a virtual fax machine. Modems range in price from $20 to $80.

If you have an active phone line, then using your PC as a fax machine is free and easy. All Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 PCs have a built-in fax program called Windows Fax and Scan that lets you quickly and easily send faxes around the world.

How to Send and Receive a Fax in Windows 7

Fax Application For Mac

Step 1)
Connect an active phone line to your PC’s phone jack input port

Step 2) Open the Start menu and type in Windows Fax and Scan then press Enter

Step 3) Click New Fax. You should see a blank fax pop up on your screen. Fill in the contact field with your recipient’s fax number.

Step 4) Type your fax information into the open window. You can also attach documents to this message just like you would attach documents to an email.

Step 4) Once your fax is complete, click ‘Send’

How to Send and Receive a Fax in Windows 8

Step 1) Connect an active phone line to your PC’s phone jack input port

Step 2) Use the Windows Key + R shortcut to open a Command window, then type in to open Windows Fax and Scan

Step 3) Click New Fax

Step 4) Type your fax into the body of the message or copy and paste any images into the window. You can also attach documents to this message just like you would attach documents to an email.

Step 5) Type your recipient’s fax number into the Contact field

Step 6) Click Send to send the message to your recipient’s fax machine

How to Send and Receive a Fax in Windows Vista

Step 1) Connect a phone line into your PC’s phone jack

Step 2) Search for Windows Fax and Scan under the Start menu search bar then press Enter

Step 3) Click New Fax

Step 4) Fill in the details of your fax and copy, paste, or type any information you want to fax. You can also attach documents to this message just like you would attach files to an email.

Step 5) Click Send

How to Send and Receive a Fax in Windows XP

Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 computers all have a program called Windows Fax and Scan. This program vastly simplifies the faxing process on your computer. Unfortunately, Windows XP does not have Windows Fax and Scan.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t fax documents from your Windows XP computer. Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing just that:

Step 1) Start the Send Fax Wizard by going to Start > Control Panel > Printers and Other Hardware > Pick a Category > Or Pick a Control Panel Icon > Printers and Faxes > Printer Tasks > Send a Fax

Step 2) Once the Send Fax Wizard is open, click Next


Step 3) Type your recipient’s name in the To box under Recipient Information. Then, type the recipient’s fax number in the Fax Number box. You can also use the Address Book to fill in your recipient’s contact information. If you want to send the fax to multiple contacts, then click the Add button. Once you’ve completed the recipient section, click Next.

Step 4) Choose your Cover Page template and click Sender Information if you want to edit the information displayed on the cover page. You should consider changing the subject under the Subject Line box and type out a brief note introducing your fax. Once complete, click Next.

Step 5) In the Schedule pop-up window, choose Now. Ignore the fax priority box if you don’t have any other fax items scheduled. The fax priority box simply allows you to send a fax before or after other scheduled items according to their priority. Once you’re done here, click Next.

Step 6) You’re almost done! From the Completing the Send Fax Wizard dialogue box, you can check through all your chosen options and then click Finish to send your fax.

Once your fax is sent, you can monitor its status by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Fax > Fax Console. Then, select Fax from the left pane to expand your options. Those options include Incoming, Inbox, Outbox, and Sent Items.

How to Send and Receive a Fax in Mac OS X

Mac OS, like Windows, offers built-in faxing capabilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using your Mac OS computer or laptop as a virtual fax machine and sending a fax anywhere in the world:

In order to follow these steps, your computer needs to have a modem connected to a phone line. If your modem is connected to a phone line, then your Apple computer is automatically configured to send faxes.

Step 1) Choose File > Print

Free fax for mac

Step 2) Click Fax PDF from the PDF pop-up menu and then choose your fax machine from the Printer pop-up menu. If, at this point, you see an error message saying “No Fax Modems Were Found”, then you have incorrectly connected your fax modem or are using an unsupported fax modem. For troubleshooting tips on setting up a fax machine with Mac OS X, click hereto read the official Apple Support article.

Step 3) After successfully setting up your fax machine and opening the Fax PDF tool, type your recipient’s fax number into the To field. You can also copy and paste a number into the field from your Address Book.

Step 4) Some phone systems require you to dial a prefix in order to contact an outside line. If necessary, type that prefix into the Dialing Prefix box (if unsure, just leave it blank).

Step 5) Click Use Cover Page if you want to create and attach a cover page to your fax.

Step 6) Ensure you’ve selected the correct fax device from the Printer pop-up menu

Fax From Mac

Step 7) Change fax options under the Print Options pop-up menu if necessary. Those options include your modem’s behavior, dialing patterns, and communications options.

Step 8) Click Fax to send your fax. It will be sent out as soon as your modem is available.

How to Send and Receive a Fax in Linux

Fax For Mac Os

Sending a fax over Linux is generally quite complicated. It’s complicated for two main reasons:

  • There’s no built-in Linux faxing software
  • The vast majority of modems are designed to work with Windows, not Linux

Because of these two problems, your best option for faxing via Linux is to install a third-party application. Good third-party faxing applications for Linux can be found on Source Forge and other Linux software websites.

Faxing Using Your Computer With A Fax Provider

Windows computers have a built-in application that lets you send, receive, and edit faxes directly from your PC. To access this application, simply plug a phone line into your PC and follow the OS-specific directions below. Many non-Windows computers, including Macs and Linux machines, also have this functionality.

Faxing from Windows 7

Faxing from Windows 7 is extremely easy. If you can send an email, then you can send an online fax with Windows 7:

Step 1) Create a new email

Step 2) Address that email to “Your Recipient’s Number” @ Your Faxing Provider.com

Step 3) Attach the documents you want to fax to that email (most providers allow up to 8 or 10 documents with each fax; acceptable formats include .DOC, .DOCX, and .PDF)

Step 4) Send the email and your recipient’s fax machine will receive it in seconds

That’s it!

Faxing from Windows 8

A limited number of online fax providers have apps on Windows 8. Search for your provider in the Windows 8 app store. However, don’t get your hopes up: Windows 8 isn’t the world’s most popular operating system and many providers haven’t bothered to develop an app for the OS.

If you do find an app, great! Download the app and run it to enjoy an easier online faxing system. If you can’t find an app, however, then proceed to the next steps:

Step 1) Open your email client or email service’s website and create a new email

Step 2) Address that email to your recipient using “Recipient’s Fax Number” @ “Your Fax Provider.com”

Step 3) Attach .PDF, .DOC, or .DOCX document(s) to that email

Step 4) Click ‘Send’ and watch your email attachments magically turn into a fax on your recipient’s machine

Faxing from Windows Vista

Step 1) Open your email client or email service provider’s website and create a new email

Step 2) Enter your recipient’s fax number in the contact field using the following format: [Recipient’s Fax Number] @ [Your Provider’s Website .com]

Step 3) Attach your document or documents to that email in .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF format

Step 4) Click ‘Send’ and your provider will automatically turn your attached documents into faxes and send them to your recipient’s machine

Faxing from Windows XP

Step 1) Open Microsoft Outlook, your email client, or your email service provider’s website and create a new email

Step 2) In the contact field, enter your recipient’s fax number at [Fax Number]@ [Your Online Fax Service.com]

Step 3) Attach the document or documents you wish to fax. Most providers accept .DOC, .DOCX, and .PDF file formats

Step 4) Click ‘Send’ to send the documents to your recipient’s fax machine

Sending a Fax Over Your Mac Computer

Faxing from Macs and Apple Computers

Step 1) Open the Mac email client or open Safari and browse to your email service provider’s website

Step 2) Create a new email

Step 3) In the email contact field, enter [Recipient’s Fax Number] @ [Your Online Faxing Provider.com]

Step 4) Attach your documents in PDF format; or, if you have Office for Mac, you can also attach .DOC and .DOCX files

Step 5) Click ‘Send’ and your online fax provider will transform your attached files into faxes

Faxing from Linux

Step 1) Create a new email

Step 2) In the contact field for that email, type your recipient’s fax number and then add “@YourFaxProvider.com”

Step 3) Attach your documents in an acceptable file format (most providers accept .DOC, DOCX, and .PDF files)

Step 4) Click ‘Send’

Faxing from a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device

Whether you’re faxing from a Nexus 7 tablet or an iPhone, sending an online fax via a mobile device is easy. In fact, faxing via mobile devices is one of the main advantages of signing up for an online faxing plan. You can now edit, review, send, and receive documents wherever you go. Wherever you have an internet-connected device, you also have a fax machine.

Before following the directions below, you should always check to see if your online fax provider has an app. We prefer Ringcentral Fax for mobile faxing. Not only are they half the costs of other fax providers, they have a simple to use mobile app. To do that, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search the name of your online faxing provider. If you find a faxing app, then download and install it.

We recommend Ringcentral for Computer Faxing:

Many of the world’s popular online fax providers now offer excellent apps. These apps let you manage contact lists, send multiple documents, and perform all other fax-related services on-the-go. Most apps also integrate with your smartphone contacts list and offer enhanced security – like PIN-based logins – for your safety.

If your provider doesn’t have an app, then follow these directions:

Step 1) Open the mail app on your smartphone or tablet

Step 2) Create a new email and address it to your recipient using the following address: [email protected] Replace “YourOnlineFaxProvider.com” with the website of your real online fax provider.

Step 3) Attach the document (or documents) you want to fax

Step 4) Click ‘Send’ and your attached document will be faxed to your recipient

That’s it! Whether your provider has a mobile app or not, sending a fax via your smartphone or tablet is extremely easy.

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