Driver Alfa Awus036h For Mac

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Install AWUS036H onto Mac OS 10.7

1) Starting your Mac with 32-bit
Option 1: Start up key combination (for current startup only)
You can start up with the 32-bit kernel by holding the keys 2 and 3 simultaneously during startup.Option 2: On-disk setting (persistent)
To select the 32-bit kernel for the current startup disk, use the following command in Terminal:
sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386
Driver Alfa Awus036h For Mac
Restart your computer.2) Download the AWUS036H driver from Alfa’s website:
If you are downloading from another link be sure you are downloading 8187L, NOT 8187B since it will not work in this case.
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3) Unpack the ZIP file using a program like Zipeg. Once unpacked, double-click the install.pkg file to begin the installation and proceed through the installation as you normally would.
Restart your computer.4) Once rebooted, open up the Terminal window. Then type in the commands listed below in that order (leave out the #, they are simply indicators of commands). When using sudo you will be prompted for your password, so be prepared to enter it.
# cd /System/Library/Extensions
# sudo chmod -R 755 rtl8187l.kext
# sudo chown -R 0:0 rtl8187l.kext
# exit
Close the Terminal window and once again reboot your computer.5) Plug in your device via the USB connector. Then open up the Terminal once more and type:
# sudo kextutil -t -v /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187l.kext
# exit
Close Terminal.6) At this point the Mac Network window will open and ask if you want to accept a new interface. Select accept, DO NOT ADJUST ANY SETTINGS JUST YET. Realtek should then open and assign an IP address to your Alfa device.That’s it! You’re done. Go over to the “Available Network” tab and choose the network you want, and then click connect. Input the password if necessary. And you’re connected! You can shutdown the Apple AirPort service (optional) and make your Alfa device your primary wireless interface.
– Check to make sure the chipset is RTL8187L, NOT RTL8187B, as this chipset requires a different driver and is not covered in this guide although the same basic steps should in fact work.
– Check your spelling. After typing RTL8187L over and over all of the letters and numbers seems to jumble together. Make sure you have the correct spelling.
– In Terminal, type:
# sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mktext
This will reset all of the kept caching done by OS X. Reboot your computer.
MacAuthor: George Hardesty

Awus036H did not support MAC OS 10.8 and only supports 32 bit: AWUS036H works on 32-bit Mac only.

If your Mac system is running on 32-bit CPU and you just upgraded the Mac OS to latest version then your AWUS036H is still compatible to it. However, if you just purchased a new Mac system with 64-bit CPU and built-in Mac OS 10.7 or later version then you need to boot your computer into 32-bit in order to run the application with device. And you can find the installation guide @

To identify whether your Mac system is running on 64-bit or not 036NHR work 10.8

Driver Alfa Awus036h For Mac Os

Please use following hyperlink to download driver for AWUS036NHR for Mac system,

Driver Alfa Awus036h For Mac

Driver Alfa Awus036h For Mac Windows 7

Author: George Hardesty