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Purpose served by code compare tool is to compare the source code files and identify the differences. Such differences are assessed locating the changes in the codes or in the structure of the file. The tool can also be used for text comparison and merging. You can use code compare tool online or download it on your system for using. Code compare tool free download on trial basis, or as complete freeware is also available. Learning about top 7 code compare tool downloads could be useful in locating the right one befitting your requirements.


KDiff3 is a graphical text difference analyzer for up to 3 input files, provides character-by-character analysis and a text merge tool with integrated editor. It can also compare and merge directories. Much like Araxis, the DeltaWalker diff tool also lets you compare office files.However, it goes one step further by letting you compare file archives like ZIP, JAR, and TAR files. If you're regularly performing comparisons on a folder basis, it's good to know that DeltaWalker shines with great performance in this area. Eclipse (compare) Yes CVS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Baazar: Yes Ediff: Yes Yes RCS, CVS, SVN, Mercurial, git (anything supported by Emacs' VC-mode) Yes Yes Yes ExamDiff Pro: Yes: Yes: normal diff only Yes Far Manager (compare) No No No No No No Yes No fc: No No No FileMerge (aka opendiff) No supported by OS No No No Guiffy SureMerge: Yes Yes. Beyond Compare Version 3. Beyond Compare lets you easily compare files and folders, including. File Compare Tools for Mac – Kaleidoscope. Rating: 4.2/5 Price: Free Download. Kaleidoscope isn’t a new name; you’ve heard of it, and you know it is a powerful and fast file compare tool. With Kaleidoscope app, you can spot changes to text on the go, and merge them whenever necessary. Further, features unique color schemes.

Diff Checker

Diffchecker is an online code compare tool that compares text contained in the files to identify the differences. Thus it can check and find out the difference between two text files. You can settle for the full version or download this code compare tool free on trial basis to assess its utility.

Code Difference

Code difference is an online code compare tool for checking the differences between two files using their text contents. There are two boxes for pasting texts from first and second file respectively. The first one is named master text and the one for comparison is named second text for convenience.



DiffNow is online code compare tool. You can compare text files, binary files, as well as documents with it. The maximum size permissible is 2048 KB. Files can be uploaded directly or their names and locations can be entered for checking. This code compare tool free download is available as a trial.

Other Platforms

The code comparing tools mentioned above works with multiple operating systems. However there are also tools that are operating system specific such as the code compare tool for Windows or code compare tools for Linux, Mac, or Android. Three of the top comparing tools that are operating system specific are described below.

KDiff3 for Linux

KDiff3 is code compare tool designed for Linux operating system. It can compare and merge 2/3 files and directories. The software shows the changes within each line of the text. Its latest version is available for download as demo code compare tool free.

Diff Merge for Mac

DiffMerge is code compare tool specifically designed to work with Mac operating system. It can compare and merge 2/3 files or directories. The tool provided by Macupdate.com is fast and accurate and is popular among Mac users.

Code Compare for Windows

Code Compare is a tool that can check and compare as well as merge files and folders. It is a code compare tool for Windows operating system and works accurately for any version of the operating system. The maker of this software, Devart, offers it as code compare tool free which can also be used as Visual Studio extension.

Compare++ – Most Popular Software

Compare++ is the most popular code compare tool in the industry and works smartly. One of the innovative features of this tool is that it can perform language and structured comparison. In the process, it ignores the comments or purely formatting changes. 30-day code compare tool free download is available. You can also see Binary File Editor

How to Download Code Compare Software?

Like all software downloads, you have to check first the compatibility and system requirements of storage space for downloading any code compare tool. For code compare tool free download you need to check the license agreement and whether it is a trial version of code compare tool free. While there are some tools that allow comparison and merging in the cloud online, others need to be downloaded. The process of downloading is easy and convenient. Just access the website of the provider or any common software provider site where the download is available and follow the instructions to accomplish the task. You can can also see File Merging Software

A code compare tool is specially adapted for comparison of the source code files. It can automate and perform various tasks like resolving version control as well as merge conflict. It highlights the inserted, deleted, or modified texts and changes within lines while collapsing the unchanged contents. Thus it saves time and effort for the IT pros and designers.

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There are many File Compare Tools on the market today, but it is impossible to decide which one is better. Some have somewhat similar features, and it’s highly likely to notice that close to 70% work in quite a similar pattern.


Regardless of the differences among the solutions, top software often make the best fit for any user, including an individual with limited tech or computer knowledge. Let’s look at some of the best File Compare Tools in use today.

Document Comparison Software

Improve your workflow, save time, and enhance your productivity using Document Comparison Software. Save time and have the assurance for file comparison accuracy with this tool. This tool can compare files of all types, including PF, RTF, XML, HTML, DOCX , Excel and PowerPoint, making it the best solution for you.

Presto Soft – ExamDiff

Presto Soft is an easy-to-use tool. The user interface is cool, and the tool is free. The tool features comparison panes use for editing files. Presto Soft can compare contents of any directory. Moreover, it is the best tool for those who are looking for a tool that can highlight syntax and ignore comments.

Diff Now

Diff Now can compare any file on your computer. It is the best solution for those who are looking for a solution that can compare beyond ordinary text files. Moreover, the solution was developed in such a way that you can compare edit the compared files easy. Download the software to get started.

File Compare Tools for Other Platforms


File Compare Tools were created by experienced software developers, but the target audience of almost all the tools differs. Graphic designers, web developers, article writers, thesis composers, and spreadsheet users are just but a few examples of the categories of people who find these software solutions useful. Here is a list of additional tools you might find useful.

File Compare Tools for Windows – UltraCompare

Ultra Edit is a sophisticated ‘animal’. It does the job right, and returns results beyond your expectations. Not only can you compare files over File Transfer Protocols but also you can do a Word/PDF file comparison. And even if you want to compare the contents of archived files without extracting, you can let Ultra Edit to do the work for you.

File Compare Tools for Mac – Kaleidoscope

Diff Tool For Mac

Kaleidoscope isn’t a new name; you’ve heard of it, and you know it is a powerful and fast file compare tool. With Kaleidoscope app, you can spot changes to text on the go, and merge them whenever necessary. Further, features unique color schemes and fonts to make your work easier. You can pick colors of your own choice for the comparison job.

File Compare Tools for Android

Meld Diff Tool For Mac

Whether you want to compare contents of a smartphone’s directory, an SD card, plain text, or the binary files, you can trust the Diff Tool for Android to do the job for you. And if you feel like making changes to the current states of your directories at a later date, you can trust the Diff Tool to securely store those states without interference.

Diff Tool For Mac

File Compare Tools for 2016

Win Merge is a free solution for Windows Computer. Its’ lightweight, works fast, and guarantees the best result. Win Merge 2.14.0 is a cross-platform solution although it’s mostly used on Windows Computers.

What is File Compare Tool?

File Comparison Tools were developed to help computer users compare files. Before the invention, development and spread of modern tools, computer users relied mostly on traditional tools to compare files. The problem, though, was that the tools were not sufficient for deep file comparison; the best they did was search and compare only plain text files.You can also see this Raw File Converter

The new (modern) File Compare Tools are different, robust and unique; they not only search through and compare plain text files but also help you compare other types of files. A number of solutions, also, feature folder comparison and better synchronization. What’s more is that each software guarantee the best results, to say the least.

It is important to note that the display of file comparison will vary from tool to tool. Some display results side-by-side. Some display results as a single file. However, changes are still displayed, but on different sections of the screen, usually depending on how the software developer decided to create the tool. You Can also see Duplicate File Remover Software

File Compare Tool Mac

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