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Dg Foto Art Gold For Mac

Makes Album Creation Fast and Easy: Using Dg Foto Art - Gold, Photographers can create Digital Albums in minutes. This is possible with a myriad range of 1700 ready-to-use templates and host of instant features. Photographers now do not require any artistic or computer skills to use Dg Foto Art - Gold as it is very simple to use and learn. It works for both Mac and Windows platforms. Blrub-Easy Photo Book. Best Photobook Designer Software for Mac Os – Dg Foto Art – Gold.

Dg Foto Art Gold For Mac Osx

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This software is exactly as described. Easy to use and personally I would never change by choice. That said the support is pathetic. My Mac version is no longer supported and if I upgrade my Mac to a newer operating system then I can no longer use this software. But having missed several Mac updates I have so many programmes failing to work inc search engines that no longer support the older Mac operating systems that I am going to be forced to upgrade. I have contacted PXL soft on several occasions and their answer is switch to the PC version, return the Mac dongle and pay $80 for a replacement PC dongle.
Basically because they have stopped Mac support I have to return a fully functional dongle and pay $80 to get a similar dongle only this time the PC version.
Hopefully they don't stop supporting windows upgrades or everyone is stuck on out of date operating systems.

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