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Convolution is an effect that adds sampled reverberative properties to a sound to recreate the original properties of that sound. The data of these reverberative properties are called the Impulse Response(IR), and can record the properties of not only acoustic space but. Convology XT—Free convolution reverb plugin Convology XT makes it incredibly easy to audition any preset, from any unit, on the fly—no need to import. Free factory plugin—includes 70 vintage impulse response files! This FREE plugin features a sampling of files contained in the Convology XT Library!

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I am very sure you have heard or use a reverb effect multiple times in your music projects, and if you haven’t used it in your projects, you’ve come across it on most occasions, but you aren’t aware it’s a reverb.

Before we dive into the best free reverb vst plugin, let me briefly explain what a reverb effect does, you can skip this section if you aren’t new to reverb effects.

Reverb is the simulation of the sound of space. This space could be your bathroom, a small room, concert hall, chamber and so on. For example, the sound is different when you clap in the bathroom vs when you clap in a concert hall and this is because the spaces and the reflections build-up are different in each room, the larger the room the greater or wider the reverb, the smaller the room, the lesser the reverb.

Why Use Reverb Effects?

You’ll mostly find reverb effects in every music producer toolbox, and can be used to create all sorts of effects but it can easily be misused too, basically reverb effects can be used to…

  • To create depth in a mix; pushing elements further back in a mix
  • To glue elements within a track together
  • To create a simulation of the sound of space, e,g creating a concert hall like special effect within a track and
  • so on…

Since we know the importance of using reverb, I would be recommending some of the best free reverb effects plugins in the music production scene right now.

Note: Here are the best paid reverb effects

Let’s get cracking…

1.) Smart Electronix – Ambience

A friend recommended Ambience to me a few years back, and the moment I tested it, I was literally blown away.

One of my favorite features of Ambience is the hold parameter which smartly freezes the reverb tail until the button is released or you can think of it like freezing the reverb effect in a suspended state.

You can use this for creating a reverse reverb effect, special effect and you can even automate the knobs.

The ambience is a donationware plugin. You get a nag screen with no limitation, and if you love the plugin, you can donate to the developer.’

Download: Win 32 VST / Mac OSX VST

2.) Impulse Record – Convology XT

A free convolution reverb from Impulse record, in case, you aren’t aware, convolution reverb uses software profiles to digitally simulate the reverberation of space, and uses a pre-recorded audio sample of the impulse response of the space being modeled.

This is exactly how Convology XT works, the impulse-response recording is stored in a digital audio signal processing system, and then convolved with the incoming audio signal to be processed.

Convology XT comes with a free 70 Vintage Reverb Impulse Response Files. If you so wish, you can also purchase more impulse responses from the Convology XT library, other than that, it is absolutely free with no nag.

Also, it features an intuitive interface to browse through the libraries, allows you to quickly test run presets and audition on the fly while the music is playing.

I didn’t mention it supports both WAV and AIF files right, well, now you know. I don’t know if you’ve ever imagined using stretch (long reverb) when using a reverb plugin, Convology XT doesn’t only include Stretch, you also have an option for decay time scaling, EQ, frequency-dependent decay time scaling, time reverse, and amplitude envelope.


  • Windows 7 and later; VST2 / VST3 / AAX
  • Mac OS 10.7.x and later; AU / VST2 / VST3 / AAX

Download: Convology XT

3.) EpicMStudios – Dimension +

Dimension + is a really super simple plugin that simulates sound reverberation in variable size spaces.


It features three controls:

    • Direction: Direction of the audio source
    • Room Size: Alters how large the simulated space is.
    • Dry/Wet: Alters how much of the effect is present in the mix.

Download: Dimension Plus

4.) Synthescience – Feezechamber

The Freexechamber is a free reverb plugin by Synthescience for simple reverb effects.

I sometimes use this in place of Ambience plugin if I want to play with the Freeze switch, the switch enables the user at any moment (while the Verb is processing) to Hold the process into a suspended state.

It comes with few presets, which can be used to lay down quick ideas.

Download: Feezechamber

5.) Antress – Modern Spacer

Modern Spacer is a plugin by Antress which comes in 2 versions, silver or black, each offering the same parameters:

  • Power, Meter On/Off button.
  • In/Out meter mode switch.
  • Reverb On/Off switch.
  • RT60, Damp, Width, Depth controls for Reverb.
  • Delay On/Off switch.
  • Delay, Feedback, Decay, Mix controls for Delay.
  • Input/Output level controls.
  • Input/Output reset switch.
  • Up to 192 kHz sample rates supported
  • Set of factory presets.
  • Hardware-like GUI.
  • Advanced PPM/VU/GR meters.

Note: Supports only Win 32; VST

Download: Modern Spacer

6.) Anwida Soft – DX Reverb Light

This is the light version of the original DX Reverb. The light version contains only one simplified algorithm of the 11 available algorithms in the full version, even with the limitation, DX Reverb Light can be handy for a quick reverb effect.

Download: Win 32 VST / Win 64 VST / Mac OSX VST / Mac AU

7.) Signaldust – Abstract Chamber

I don’t know if you ever notice undesirable reverb effect when used for longer reverb sounds, it sounds frustrating some times, with Abstract Chamber you can create a longer modulated reverbs whole also maintaining a natural yet abstract spatial impression.

It only supports VST

Download Abstract Chamber

8.) TAL-Reverb III

TAL-Reverb 3 is designed to be used as a stereo plate plug-in, which is the replacement of its predecessor (TAL-Reverb-II). This new edition has several improvements such as an optimized GUI and some changes in the reverb algorithm.

Additionally, TAL-Reverb 3 has a simple EQ section, a meter display and shows actual slider values.


  • Plate reverb sound.
  • One simple room size control.
  • Pre-delay up to one second.
  • EQ section (12dB cut, low shelf filter at 1000Hz, high shelf filter at 200Hz).
  • Stereo width control (from full stereo to mono).
  • Stereo input mode (mono or stereo input).
  • Displays the slider value of the active fader.
  • A meter shows the output volume.
  • 10 factory presets.

Specification Requirements:

  • Windows: Windows XP or higher (32 / 64 bit)
  • OSX: OSX 10.7 or higher (32 / 64 bit).
  • AAX: Pro Tools 10.3.6 or higher

Download: Windows / Mac

9.) Voxengo – OldSkoolVerb

Voxengo plugins have been my best and ready to go plugin for my music production toolbox.

OldSkoolVerb emulates the classic stereo verb algorithm and produces a crystal clear spatial image that blends well with an audio file.

This reverb tool comes bundled with various sets of parameters permitting a user to achieve different reverb styles ranging from room reverb to hall reverb to plate reverb.

“The Voxengo OldSkoolVerb is best used for a non-percussive and soft-attack sound like vocals, piano and pad sounds”.

Specification Requirement

  • Compatible with Windows ( Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and later versions) and macOS (10.7 and later releases, Intel processor-based)
  • VST/AAX supports
  • Compatible with 32 and 64 bit on Windows and Mac Os
  • Supports 2 GHz dual-core or faster processor
  • 2GB RAM or higher

Download OldSkoolVerb

10.) U-he- Protoverb

Protoreverb aids as reverb research for u-he, and now, they are releasing it to the public for free. It is an experimental plugin that is based on a room simulator reverb.

According to u-he:

Most algorithmic reverbs try to avoid resonances or model the reflections of sound from a room’s walls. Protoverb does the opposite. It builds up as many room resonances as possible, modelling the body of air in the room. No need to modulate or colour the signal.


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Linux
  • Available as AU / VST2 / AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.7 or later) plug-ins with 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Download U-he- Protoverb

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Max For Live Convolution Reverb


Best Convolution Reverb

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