Clickermann For Mac

*[email protected] provides home access for all students and staff to Clicker 8 on Windows/Mac and Clicker Writer on iPad/Chromebooks.


Upgrade terms and conditions for schools are as follows:

  • You can upgrade to as many Clicker licenses as you like at the special prices above, regardless of how many licenses you currently have for Clicker 7.

  • You can only take advantage of the upgrade discount once. So, if you upgrade now and wish to buy more licenses during your subscription period, these will be available at the standard price.

  • When you take advantage of one of our upgrade discounts, you are essentially ‘trading in’ your Clicker 7 licenses to receive this discount. Therefore, you will not be licensed to use Clicker 7 on any of your machines once you have upgraded.

To sum it up, Clickermann is sure to help you eliminate some of the routine in your daily activities. With a solid set of programming knowledge, this application can be configured to simulate both. CLICKERMANN Software files In this page we will show you all files belong to CLICKERMANN software, and find how to download CLICKERMANN software. And find easy steps to remove or block each process from CLICKERMANN software, click the file name bellow and then follow the steps.

Clickermann For Macbook Air

Clickermann mac os

Clickermann For Mac Os

Please note that these are universal ‘per device’ licenses – so for example, ’10 licenses’ could be 10 licenses for Clicker 8 (Windows/Mac), or 5 for Clicker 8 and 5 for Clicker Writer (iPad/Chromebook), whatever works best for your school set-up.